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Winch - Let your mobile apps work off-line

Winch - Let your mobile apps work off-line

High-level overview of Winch - a master-slave replication engine designed to perform well over mobile networks, for the #hack4good Paris hackathon.

See: http://winch.io/


Cédric Deltheil

October 04, 2013

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  1. None
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  3. That's how your mobile app looks... when you're mobile (!)

  4. This is because...

  5. (1) mobile networks suck...

  6. (2) ...it's a pain in the ass to solve

  7. None
  8. Let your mobile app work off-line!

  9. What is it?

  10. Winch [wɪntʃ] noun. A master-slave replication engine designed to perform

    well over mobile networks. “
  11. How does it work?

  12. As simple as 1, 2, 3 1.  you upload your

    data, •  we provide an HTTP API for that, 2.  our servers prepare it for transfer, •  we re-package your data into optimal packs, •  we store it on a CDN for efficient transfers, 3.  it is sent to mobile clients and stored in a local database, •  we provide a client-side SDK for that.
  13. Concepts

  14. In short Winch is a key-value data store. “

  15. More precisely •  your data lives in a datastore made

    of: •   namespace -s which contain: •   record -s made of: •   key , •   value It's like a collection of hash maps.
  16. Think of it as... datastore ~ database namespace ~ table

    key ~ primary key value ~ data
  17. How-to?

  18. (1/2) Upload data on Winch server •  We provide an

    HTTP API: •  use our Python or Lua client library, •  or use cURL from the command-line.
  19. (2/2) Sync data with Winch client •  We provide a

    SDK for iOS and Android: •  call sync() to keep your client in sync, •  then get your data via get(ns, key) . It's fully-packaged and easy to use! No networking code required™.
  20. Give It A Try!

  21. Steps 1.  Register on http://winch.io, 2.  Activate your account, 3.

     Follow our step-by-step User Guide.
  22. Need Help?

  23. Just ask! •  Ping us on Twitter: @winch_io, •  Drop

    us an email: winch AT moodstocks DOT com .
  24. Thanks :)