Reverse Engineering UI For Fun And Profit (CocoaHeads Chicago, March 2015)

Reverse Engineering UI For Fun And Profit (CocoaHeads Chicago, March 2015)

Learn how to rip apart UI controls, so that you can rebuild them better, stronger, and faster.

This edition contains a few minor updates in here from my talk in Boston (available here: including better links at the end, and mostly just cosmetic updates from the version of this talk I gave in Atlanta (

Updated useful things that were only in my demos or speaker notes:
- When logging out recursiveDescripton, copy and paste things into TextWrangler documents. Select two documents in the sidebar and then right click to compare them.
- Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate through QuickTime videos: hold the key down to go in slow-mo, tap the key to go frame by frame.
- When looking at a video in QuickTime, Cmd-C to copy the current frame to the clipboard, and then Cmd-N in Preview to open New From Clipboard.
- If you're on Mavericks or below, the two airplay solutions I mentioned are Reflector ( and AirServer (


Ellen Shapiro

March 10, 2015