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Design Atelier - Profile

Design Atelier - Profile

Design Atelier is a nationally networked Architecture and Urban Design Firm focused on creating distinctive buildings and interiors in five service areas- Architecture, Campus Design, Hospitality, Workplace Design, and Retail Design. www.architectsda.com


Design Atelier

March 02, 2013


  1. Company Information Company / Firm Name Design Atelier Year of

    Establishment 1992 Number of Offices 1 Number of members in the Design team 25 Company philosophy/ mission statement (not exceeding 400 words) Design Atelier is a multifaceted Architecture and Urban design firm that works with a thoughtful integrity and a contemporary sensibility creating distinctive environments, buildings and interiors in five service areas- General Architecture, Campus Design, Housing, Hospitality and Workplace Design. DA was formed in 1992 as a studio workshop that pursued an exploration in building crafts as the founding premise of architecture and design activity. Now a full service firm, we continue to engage with a variety of related arts, graphics and craft professionals to develop more holistic and inclusive solutions for the formation of more humane architecture that responds to society. We dream of translating the underlying principles of a rich Indian cultural heritage into structures for our evolving society into an architecture that is of its time. Design Atelier works in a fusion style that employs a basic modern sensibility and local material, art and craft to foster a contemporary architecture firmly anchored in specific local peculiarities and to create dramatic impact. We emphasise continuously improving on traditions and translating building elements into something new and intrinsically meaningful. We value daylight, water, and natural elements set amidst enjoyable indoor and open air places to meet in deference to natural conditions. To improve building performance, we apply Sustainable practices to all aspects of our design and building construction, creating a specific form, responsive to the Sun, climatic conditions and local setting. We aim to differentiate each project by a careful orchestration of architectural elements that create a lasting and memorable image. As each new project is unique, our design expects to complement the locale and convey a timeless quality that creates a signature design that enhances the identity of the place.
  2. Our concerns in architecture are achieving simplicity with a subtle

    blend of modernity and tradition, East and West, formal and picturesque. We believe that design brings grace to life and that matters. Address B-24 Lajpat Nagar II New Delhi 110024 Country India Phone +91 11 41009927 Fax Email info@da-urbis.net Website www.architectsda.com Principal Designers’/ Architects’ Information 1 Name Aashish Karode Year of Birth 1966 Education (degree + institution + Year of graduation) B.Arch. IED 1992 ; M.U.D. UC.Berkeley;2002 2 Name Sushil Louis Karer Year of Birth 1965 Education (degree + institution + Year of graduation) B.Arch. IED 1992 Project Name, Type of project, Location, Year Example John Doe House, Single family house, New York, USA, 2009 Project 1 Chimes Project 2 Sufi -IT Park, Virsa, Chandigarh
  3. Project 3 Indian Oil- PADC Project 4 Startup Farms Offices

    Project 5 Fairway Pub, Airforce Sports Complex, New Delhi Project 6 Fitness First, New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore Project 7 Bausch and Lomb Offices Project 8 McDonalds Restaurants Project 9 Fujifilm India Office Project 10 Forest Resort at Garjia Awards Award Name, Awarding Organization, Location of Awarding Organization, Year Award 1 Best Pavillion Award - Comdex India, 1996