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Slides are easy

A34bc430e87a74eba5d92719ea92cfdc?s=47 Cristiano Rastelli
September 16, 2013

Slides are easy

Some tips on how to make you presentation look better (and why you should). An internal presentation I gave in VisualDNA, during the "Let's Talk" series of lectures about how to give good presentations and do public speaking.


Cristiano Rastelli

September 16, 2013

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  1. Slides are easy The “let’s talk” serie Cristiano Rastelli

  2. index Why Structure Tools How to Conclusions

  3. 30 minutes

  4. Why the slides are so important? Why

  5. Why spending time in making better slides? EMOTION ENGAGEMENT COMMUNICATION

    + +

  7. Which sequence give to the presentation? STRUCTURE


    Single slides 5. CONCLUSIONS 6. END/THANKS 7. REFERENCES one single slide optional loop
  9. But the most important thing is...

  10. Which one to use? TOOLS

  11. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

  12. Whatever you feel comfortable with! Yes, also this!

  13. Online tools But you will need a connection!

  14. Evil. Don’t use it. Ever.

  15. But you can also be more eclectic… http://vimeo.com/59566927

  16. …OR SIMPLY MORE CREATIVE http://slidesha.re/yiMBRS

  17. What makes you come up with? +

  18. How can you make beautiful slides HOW TO

  19. Simplicity 1 A clear message 1 slide = 1 concept

    Use empty space
  20. This is NOT wasted space!

  21. This is NOT wasted space!

  22. Use can use this “empty” space at your benefit: just

    add a title or a short text, and you’re done!
  23. BRIDGING THE GAP Because beautiful slides are easy

  24. Fonts 2 Choose 2 or 3 max Combine them Use

  25. HEAVY light sans serif slab regular italic UPPERCASE lowercase

  26. None
  27. this is important USE THIS FOR TITLES

  28. None
  29. This is a good starting point

  30. Colors 3 Choose a color palette (and stick to that!)

    Beware of low contrast
  31. None
  32. None
  33. + Gradients

  34. Photos 3 Online resources Photos you have taken Create your

    own repository FREE, PAID, CC
  35. Search Engines for images Don’t stop at the first results,

    don’t be obvious
  36. FLICKR Check the copyright restrictions for every image

  37. FLICKR COMMONS These are public domain images you can use

  38. Photo Collections Only for internal (non public) usage

  39. Stock/Right-Managed archives You will have to pay for them to

    legally use
  40. Newspaper Galleries Only for internal (non public) usage

  41. Vintage/Retro images Most of them are free to use

  42. ADs or Propaganda Most of them are free to use

  43. Public Libraries/Collections Check the usage rights before using them

  44. Your images Photos you have taken by yourself

  45. Your collection Save in a folder all the images you

    see and like

  47. But the most important thing is...

  48. Details 4 Icons Shadows Transitions

  49. Inspiration ? Slideshare Speaker Deck Note & Point

  50. None
  51. Some simple takeaways... CONCLUSIONS

  52. Start with paper & pen, always You have to tell

    a story, don’t forget! Create the most beautiful slides you can Find your personal style
  53. grazie Cristiano Rastelli

  54. References Apple Keynote www.apple.com/uk/iwork Slid.es www.slid.es Google Presentations docs.google.com TOOLS

    Slideshare www.slideshare.net/featured Speaker Deck www.speakerdeck.com Note & Point www.noteandpoint.com Inspiration Font Squirrel www.fontsquirrel.com Google Fonts www.google.com/fonts Beautiful Web Type hellohappy.org/beautiful-web-type FONTS Adobe Kuler kuler.adobe.com Tiny Eye Labs labs.tineye.com/multicolr COLORS 500px 500px.com Flickr - The Commons www.flickr.com/commons Boston.com - Big Picture www.boston.com/bigpicture IMAGES Vintage Ad Browser www.vintageadbrowser.com Shorpy Historical Archive www.shorpy.com Retronaut www.retronaut.com