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From zero to Cosmos: a journey to a multi-platform design system at Badoo

From zero to Cosmos: a journey to a multi-platform design system at Badoo

This is the story of a Design System called Cosmos, that started as a small style guide and soon became a core element in the design and development process of a product with 400 million users. Appreciated by both developers and designers, with strong buy-in from managers and leads, today Cosmos has become a complex project of UI unification that involves multiple platforms, multiple brands, and multiple products. A success story - with visible metrics that confirm its impact - with a lot of lessons learned along the way.

This is the updated version of the previous talk: https://speakerdeck.com/didoo/from-zero-to-cosmos

Video of the talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl5u1gRcsos

Cristiano Rastelli

April 09, 2019

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  1. From zero to cosmos FRONT-END TEAM Cristiano Rastelli a journey

    to a multi-platform design system at Badoo
  2. The full story • From zero to Cosmos — Part #1 /

    #2 / #3
 https://badootech.badoo.com/from-zero-to-cosmos-part-3-95e2c98c45a6 • Systemantics — a review of the book
 https://medium.com/@didoo/systemantics-a778c4247cbb • How to manage your Design Tokens with Style Dictionary
 https://medium.com/@didoo/how-to-manage-your-design-tokens-with-style-dictionary-98c795b938aa • Generating multi-brand multi-platform icons with Sketch and a Node.js script —  Part #1 / #2
 https://badootech.badoo.com/generating-multi-brand-multi-platform-icons-with-sketch-and-a-node-js-script-part2-8d02e8bb915a • Measuring the Impact of a Design System
  3. visible/tangible improvements • modularisation of components • reusability of code

    & components • speed of development • better visual consistency & overall quality
  4. I have not been able
 to communicate
 the value, the

    importance &
 the real potential of a style guide
  5. This is a designer telling (pushing) a front-end developer 

    to build a design system he didn't build a fence to protect
 his territory, he didn't say 
 "this is design, stay out of here !” He was understanding the value
  6. a turning-point meeting “I want a Design System for all

    our mobile apps. 
 A style guide built together with the designers,
 based on the optimal / new / upcoming designs
 to serve as visual reference for the developers.” Sasha Grishin, Head of Design
  7. Cosmos from Latinized form of Greek kosmos
 "order, good order,

    orderly arrangement" A complex orderly self-inclusive system,
 an orderly harmonious systematic universe.
  8. design tokens { "button": { "border_radius": { "value": "{base.border_radius.value}", "type":

    "size" }, "border_width": { "value": “1px", "type": "size" } } }
  9. https://amzn.github.io/style-dictionary/ Design decisions Tokens Data source docS system Tokens (JSON)

  10. +

  11. when in doubt, break down
 a component * Don't go

    “up” (using inheritance), or “sideways” (trying to cover too much)
  12. Components Jul 2017 apr 2019 extrasmall 2 15 small 1

    13 medium 2 10 large 1 5 extralarge 0 4 overall* 9 167 * components + subcomponents LOC - components/jsx 204 8075 LOC - components/SCSS 529 5851 LOC - WEBSITE/jsx 479 19294
  13. example: date of birth picker To continue you need to

    fill this forms D M D M Y Y Y Y D M D M Y Y Y Y 1 0 2 4 1 8 9 4 1 M D M Y Y Y Y Chappy Day Month Year 1 D M M Y Y Y Y Day Month Year D D M M Y Y Y Y Day Month Year 1 7 0 6 1 9 6 2 You must be over 55 to use Lumen 1 7 0 6 1 9 6 2 D D Day M M Month Y Y Y Y Year D D Day M M Month Y Y Y Y Year 1 D Day M M Month Y Y Y Y Year 1 4 Day 0 5 Month 1 9 9 3 Year 1 D You must be over 18 to use Badoo M M Y Y Y Y D D You can't be younger than 13 M D M Y Y Y Y 1 M 0 D 4 M 5 Y 1 Y 9 Y 9 Y 3 1 M D M Y Y Y Y Y D M Y M Y Y Day Month Year D Y D M Y M Y Y You must be over 18 to use Bumble D 2 7 0 1 6 9 2 Day Month Year 1 Y D M Y M Y Y Day Month Year 1 Bumble Badoo Quack Lumen