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What future we want for our Software Industry?

What future we want for our Software Industry?

This is going to be a very personal and opinionated talk, on what I foresee as a "senior" developer for the future of our profession: fears, risks, opportunities and challenges.
A talk about the personal responsibilities that we - as software developers - have. Not only to create better software, but to create a better software industry for us and for the future generations. A talk about the temptations we have to adopt approaches, processes and mental models typical of the Industrial era, instead of building our own "rules of the game" and decide on which values we want to ground our profession. A talk about the importance of the communities, the open source, the culture of making and sharing the knowledge, instead of simply re-sharing or re-using someone else's work.
Because, in the software industry, take away the technology and all that remains are again the persons, with their knowledge, their passions and their ethic.

Cristiano Rastelli

November 28, 2014

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  1. SHOREDITCH IS A new KLONDIKE hipsters with long beards startups

    looking for gold but especially... Pioneers #goldrush
  2. INDUSTRY * software / ICT / web / TECH /

    whatever SOFTWARE* #topic
  3. #industry #change 170 years of industrial change across England and

    Whales http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/census/2011-census-analysis/170-years-o -industry/
  4. #industry #change Trend of sector contribution (%) to total GDP

    in india http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_o _India
  5. #industry #new-era https://www.bcg.com/documents/ ile100409.pd Labour Productivity Growth During the Electrification

    Era (1890-1940) and the Information Technology Era (1970-2012) in the United States
  6. Asia/Paci ic 4,074,300 Americas 3,586,800 EMEA 3,343,900 How many software

    developers are out there in the world? #industry #so ware http://www.in oq.com/news/2014/01/IDC-so ware-developers ~11,000,000 Professional Software developers
  7. “Our analysis shows that technological improvement raises employment in many

    U.S. manufacturing industries both in the short and long run.” #jobs #e ects http://www.slideshare.net/SERIWorld/does-technologycreatejobs DOES technology create or destroy jobs?
  8. We are all pioneers We were and still we are.

    Because we are exploring and discovering every day. #tomorrow
  9. #strikes UNIONS autoworkers started to coordinate in nationwide organizations in

    order to protect their jobs and introduce basic rights
  10. #bailout Crisis in 2008-2010 The entire automotive industry collapsed, forcing

    many manufacturers to massive job cuts and costs reductions
  11. The grid AI websites that design themselves Intelligent color detection

    & correction Face detection & smart cropping Time-sensitive content suggestions automated a/b testing #automation #arti icial-intelligence “Aiming to take humans out of website development” http://thegrid.io
  12. “the moment we finally stop thinking about projects like building

    process, and start thinking about them like collaborative learning processes, then a whole set of possibilities finally become clear” Alberto “ziobrando” Brandolini
  13. Factory worker software developer takes a few days to learn

    seniority in a few months trained once Permanent job Takes some years to learn seniority in 5-10 years Never stops to learn frequently changing #hands #mind
  14. Factory worker software developer work for A living factory plant

    Entirely planned work is a passion office/remote/home self-organized #builder #creator
  15. Someone that... #ceos #employers “if the salary becomes the reason

    for going to work, then you are not the person I am looking for”
  16. Someone that... #STEM #sexism “I’m only creating the design ideas.

    I’ll need someone’s help to turn it into a real game”
  17. #the-other-hal http://bit.ly/1ruxi8t THE “m” Word why this war with the

    managers? we are going to lose it (because of the passion for our profession) We fight on the wrong side we need each other
  18. or simply like this... Study, learn and test how to

    work discuss your ideas online write a post and share it contribute to some community understand what makes us different #be-the-change
  19. #be-your-leaders managers, with our own style There is a lack

    of good tech managers: or we fill this hole, or someone else will some of you in the audience will be managers in the future: with what training? Being a manager of a team of developers should be considered a natural step in a developer’s career
  20. we stand on giant’s shoulders our life is “easy” because

    someone, before us, did a really good job we are taking a lot and giving back a little culture of sharing & openness #be ore-us
  21. #a er-us http://coding-and-more.blogspot.ie/2011/06/its-o cial-developers-get-better-with.html StackOverflow: number of developers (and their

    reputation) by age 16 19 22 25 28 31 34 37 40 43 46 49 0 1500 3000 4500 future generations of developers