Entering The Tech World As a Non-Technical Founder

Entering The Tech World As a Non-Technical Founder

Presentation for Fall 2012 Mobile Computing in Business Course, Rochester Institute of Technology.


Craig Cypher, Psy.D.

October 16, 2012


  1. Craig Cypher, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist Founder of CohesiveSelf: The Mobile

    Platform for Emotional Health doctorcypher[at]cohesiveself.com Mobile Computing in Business Speaker Series 2012
  2. ’93 Honda Civic Del Sol

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  4. 1 in 5 Individuals will experience a mental health issue

    in the course of a year Lifetime estimates are between 45% and 55%
  5. Behavioral Health is a $113 Billion Business in the US

    alone Estimated to Grow 10-20% over the next decade, particularly due to “Obamacare”
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  9. Spring 2011

  10. Problem: Clients dealing with stress, depression, anxiety. Mental Health Providers

    have only ONE hour per week for treatment. Solution: Mobile mood and data tracking for the other 167 hours. Access to resources for the time period between sessions. Data can be monitored by providers via a web-based interface.
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  14. If you can’t cook, at the very least, you have

    to be able to order a decent meal
  15. “Dining Guide” 1. Get Connected 2. Get Informed 3. Get

    It Interpreted 4. Get It Made
  16. Get Connected 1. Present/Pitch Your Vision 2. Search Out Events

    3. Connect to Community Groups
  17. Get Informed

  18. Get It Interpreted Create “User Stories” Create Wireframes

  19. Get It Made Crowdspring/99 Designs - Elance/Odesk Partner with University

    Program Local/National Devs/Shops Outsourced Options Hybrid (Onshore PM/Outsourced Dev)
  20. In Summary . . . 1. Get Connected (Join Existing

    Communities & Networks) 2. Get Informed (Do Your Homework) 3. Get It Interpreted (Use Tools to Translate & Share Your Vision) 4. Get It Made (Find the Best Fit for You & Your Budget)