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Making Connections Visible

Making Connections Visible

The hardest thing we do is communicate across teams. In order to solve this problem, it helps to find and fix the broken handoffs that occur between specialists on different teams. This talk addresses the challenges teams experience from fragmented value streams and offers up an experiment for teams to visualize and better manage disconnected workflow.

Dominica DeGrandis

May 29, 2019

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  1. @dominicad Making Connections Visible: How to Defrag your Value Stream

    . Dominica DeGrandis Director, Digital Transformation
  2. @dominicad WHAT’S THE POINT? A defragged value stream improves flow

    Value Stream: all activities done to plan, design, build & deliver items that provides biz value The hardest thing we do is communicate across teams. Delivering value to customers quickly requires fast, smooth, flow of work.
  3. @dominicad Three Things Complexity drives necessary specialization Specialization increases coordination

    costs How to visualize handoffs as work flows across a value stream
  4. © Tasktop 2019 Image taken with permission from Jon Smart

    presentation at DOES London 2018 – credit Klaus Leopold Barclays’ Value Stream
  5. @dominicad More security layers & policies bolted on to defend

    the network & assets from cyber threats, This increases complexity. Different expertise is required for each vendor. 95% of organizations use network security devices from multiple vendors. https://www.wired.com/insights/2013/01/uncovering-the-dangers-of-network-security-complexity/
  6. @dominicad “Code will be used in ways we cannot anticipate,

    in ways it was never designed for, and for longer than it was ever intended.” ~ Joshua Corman A focus on intersection of computer security & human life. https://www.iamthecavalry.org/about/overview/
  7. @dominicad “The more we scale, the more we need specialized

    people. The growing division of labor in IT results in the specialization” ~ Mik Kersten With scale comes complexity which drives specialization
  8. @dominicad Adenosine* heart stress test Healthcare costs from disconnect workflow

    Dr’s orders: “No caffeine 24 hours prior to test.” Nurse: “Would you like some coffee?” https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/study_suggests_medical_errors_now_third_leading_cause_of_death_in_the_us https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/toronto-hospitals-embark-on-safety-initiative-to- prevent-medical-error-deaths/article30610569/ Medical errors cause > 250k deaths/yr, 3rd leading cause of death in US * pharmaceutical used to assess blood flow to the heart. Pharmacy tech hands nuclear medicine tech wrong stuff. Instead of heart tracker injection, mom injected w/ bone tracker. oops! oops!
  9. @dominicad DevOps - you build it you run it -

    that means you need full stack engineers, right? The Rise of the Full Stack Engineer StackOverflow survey showing Devs who considered themselves FSE grew from 29% in 2013 to 52% in 2019 https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2019
  10. @dominicad The Fallacy of the Full Stack Engineer • Design

    overall architecture of the web application. • Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications. • Collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to design and launch new features. • Maintain code integrity and organization. • Experience working with graphic designers and converting designs to visual elements. • Understanding/ implementation of security and data protection. • High experience {{back-end programming languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, JavaScript}} • Proficient experience using {{advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, DurandalJS etc.}}. • Development experience for both mobile and desktop. • Understanding of server-side languages including {{such-as Jade, EJS, Jinja, etc.}}. • Experience with cloud message APIs and usage of push notifications. • Knowledge of code versioning tools {{such as Git, Mercurial or SVN}}. https://www.skillgigs.com/full-stack-developer
  11. @dominicad • exhaustion • cynicism • burnout: lost energy, enthusiasm,

    & confidence • lower quality • depression • health problems Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) Costs from Cognitive Overload https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRPBkCW0R5E&feature=youtu.be https://www.mindgarden.com/117-maslach-burnout-inventory
  12. @dominicad consolidation, replication, and strangle approach. epics Reqs spreadsheets features

    stories defects test cases incidents problems vulnerabilities rfc’s gantt charts ryg rpts time sheets Tool fights break out due to inability to share knowledge, understand work capacity and improve workflow.
  13. @dominicad “Things take too long” is a universal problem work

    request Disconnects in communication interferes with collaboration & delays delivery
  14. @dominicad Go to www.menti.com and use code: 40 49 76

    How do you communicate handoff info?
  15. @dominicad Value Stream Canvas Exercise Purpose Help teams visualize problems

    that occur during handoffs as work flows across a value stream Make connections visible to provoke necessary conversations for change Provide practical learning opportunity for teams to apply Flow practices.
  16. @dominicad Value Stream Canvas Exercise Incidents Let’s start with a

    Production Incident When production is down or unstable, it creates the biggest risk to customer satisfaction and business well-being. ? Discuss how a typical production issue arrives. How does the issue get detected? 01
  17. @dominicad IDEATE CREATE RELEASE OPERATE Incident Problem Defect Risk Commit

    Build Scan Test Run Deploy Exercise 1 – Issue Found in Production
  18. @dominicad Consider a Feature Request from the Business Discuss how

    a typical business request is handled starting with the work intake process. Value Stream Canvas Exercise Business Request 02 ? How does the feature arrive? ? Do features arrive via some work intake tool? ? Do you have a project or product management organization that plans work that flows to development teams? ? Where does this happen? Email? Salesforce? Then what? Does someone create a work item?
  19. @dominicad IDEATE CREATE RELEASE OPERATE Commit Build Scan Test Run

    Deploy Request Feature Feature Story Test Case Exercise 2 – Business Feature Request
  20. @dominicad • Visibility on where work comes from & dependencies

    • Discover where the bottleneck is to improve flow time • See where you fit into the value stream BENEFITS
  21. @dominicad Email: [email protected] Subject: flow To receive: • copy of

    this presentation deck • Flow 101 workshop info • Value Stream Canvas exercise • Tasktop tool integration video showing integrations between ServiceNow & Jira • excerpts of Making Work Visible • Forrester report on Value Stream Mgmt