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Shift Happens: Do You Have the Right Teams for Managing Work by Product?

Shift Happens: Do You Have the Right Teams for Managing Work by Product?

Do new ways of working have you wondering how to structure your IT teams? As more organizations start managing work by product, some long-standing roles will become less important -- and others will become mission critical. In this talk, you’ll learn which roles are at risk and three new roles to consider for your IT organization. You’ll also learn a useful tool that helps you hire for these new roles -- by starting with your own people.


Dominica DeGrandis

October 17, 2019

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  1. © 2019 Tasktop Shift Happens: Do You Have the Right

    Teams for Managing Work by Product? . Dominica DeGrandis Principal Flow Advisor
  2. © 2019 Tasktop Dominica DeGrandis @dominicad Principal Flow Advisor @

    Tasktop Technologies Author of Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow
  3. © 2019 Tasktop 55% GARTNER CIO SURVEY 2019 of IT

    organizations are moving from project to product Source: CIO.com, Making the shift to product-based IT, January 2019
  4. © 2019 Tasktop What does Project to Product mean? •

    Cross functional groups organized around a long term product lifecycle • Focused and measured on delivering business value, (vs. on time, within budget, and scope). • Profit center (not cost center) Amazon Bestseller
  5. © 2019 Tasktop Good reasons for the shift: 1. Managing

    by product reduces dependencies 2. Managing by product focuses on and measures business outcomes
  6. © 2019 Tasktop Managing by product reduces dependencies • Projects

    start and end, teams form and disband, domain knowledge lives with the person • Products have more longevity, teams have more stability, and domain knowledge lives with the team
  7. © 2019 Tasktop Teams Project Product Project 1 Project 2

    Project 3 Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 People are brought to work Work is brought to People
  8. © 2019 Tasktop © 2019 Tasktop Technologies Incorporated. Managing by

    product focuses on (and measures) business outcomes
  9. Nokia (2007) Source: Shira Ovide, “Deal is Easy Part for

    Microsoft and Nokia,” WSJ Siloes & proxy metrics destroy transformations Realized software was bottleneck Agile 2009 poster child, “Nokia test” for agility Result was a local optimization of the value stream
  10. © 2019 Tasktop Barclays’ Value Stream Image taken with permission

    from Jon Smart presentation at DOES London 2018 – credit Klaus Leopold
  11. © 2019 Tasktop Top 25 bank, 3rd transformation, now w/

    DevOps, $1B Project management layer between IT and business 2 years later, IT delivering less to the business than before Project Management & Cost Centers are the wrong model Business IT
  12. © 2019 Tasktop Stock Price Change 2006-2016 Mawdud Choudhury “Brick

    & Mortar US Retailer Market Value” ExecTech 50% of S&P 500 projected to be replaced in 10 years
  13. © 2019 Tasktop Banks Spend $1 Trillion on Digital, But

    Few Reap the Rewards – Bloomberg, June 20, 2019 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-20/ banks-spend-1-trillion-on-digital-but-few-benefit-study-says
  14. © 2019 Tasktop © 2019 Tasktop Technologies Incorporated. Has this

    happened before?
  15. © 2019 Tasktop Technological Revolutions

  16. © 2019 Tasktop The Turning Point Creative Destruction Wealth Generation

  17. © 2019 Tasktop Technological Revolutions Figure: Adapted from Carlota Perez

    Factory systems Subcontracting Taylorism Fordism Project Management
  18. Amazon Bestseller

  19. © 2019 Tasktop What Flows in Software Development Flow Item

    Types A way for all teams across the VS to make their work visible. Flow items provide a common terminology with which to idenBfy, manage, and measure workflow. Flow Framework™ Tasktop’s structured and prescriptive approach to executing Value Stream Management Features revenue generation Defects production issue or problem Debts revenue protection Risks security & compliance
  20. © 2019 Tasktop https://informationisbeautiful.net/ visualizations/worlds-biggest- data-breaches-hacks/ World's Biggest Data Breaches

    & Hacks
  21. © 2019 Tasktop https://informationisbeautiful.net/ visualizations/worlds-biggest- data-breaches-hacks/ World's Biggest Data Breaches

    & Hacks
  22. © 2019 Tasktop Risk work • Train staff on phishing

    attempts • Update security vulnerabilities • Implement free credit monitoring and identity protection © Tasktop Technologies Inc. 2019 Tasktop Confidential Information
  23. © 2019 Tasktop Defect ex: network capacity production incident INCIDENT

  24. © 2019 Tasktop Debt ex: network capacity expansion investment INCIDENT

    Pager Duty CONFRENCE CALL CHANGE PLROBLEM MITIGATED & RESTORED UPDATE RESOLVED Change Requested Epic Story Jira Changer order Validate date scheduling ARCHITECTURE INVOICES & INVENTORY Finance approvals & ESM CAB Authorize & peer revenue Scheduled CHANGE MGT PROBLEM MGT READY CIRCUIT CIRCUIT ORDERS Defect work Debt work
  25. © 2019 Tasktop Debt work • KLO • Infrastructure fixes

    • Trouble shooting environments • Monitoring production • Cross training team members • Vendor package upgrades • Resolving production issues • Internal team improvements Investments to pay down future issues Improvement of Daily Work
  26. © 2019 Tasktop The Five Ideals Enable improvement The First

    Ideal: Locality and Simplicity The Second Ideal: Focus, Flow, and Joy The Third Ideal: Improvement of Daily Work The Fourth Ideal: Psychological Safety The Fifth Ideal: Focus on our Customer
  27. © 2019 Tasktop The Five Flow Metrics Flow Distribution Flow

    Load Flow Time Flow Velocity Flow Efficiency
  28. None
  29. None
  30. © 2019 Tasktop Flow distribution measures de-facto investment in different

    types of value creation by showing the ratio of flow items (features, defects, risks and debt). Healthy flow distribution includes appropriate levels of risk and debt
  31. © 2019 Tasktop Flow Distribution: A measure to see tradeoffs

    Measuring the completed ratio of flow types enables strategic discussions on the desired balance of revenue generation work vs. revenue protection work.
  32. None
  33. © 2019 Tasktop Why is delivery slowing as we add

    developers? FLOW VELOCITY Software architecture is not aligned to value stream flow
  34. None
  35. © 2019 Tasktop Why does it take 120 days to

    deliver value to customers? Only 2.5% of time was spent in development FLOW TIME Other Development
  36. None
  37. © 2019 Tasktop Where is my feature delivery bottleneck? Too

    few designers caused wait states on upstream UX work FLOW EFFICIENCY
  38. © 2019 Tasktop

  39. None
  40. © 2019 Tasktop Why are the teams working on this

    product less happy? Tech debt causing overly high Flow Load, frustration FLOW LOAD
  41. © 2019 Tasktop Platform Products Internal Customer Value Stream Network

    Developers & Specialists Business Products External Customer Project to Product: Architecture There cannot be a more important thing for an engineer.. than to work on the systems that drive our productivity -- Satya Nadela
  42. None
  43. © 2019 Tasktop New Emerging Roles Value Stream Architect Value

    Stream Product Lead Product Journey Owner
  44. © 2019 Tasktop Value Stream Architect • Identifies experiments based

    on hypotheses formed by flow metrics analysis • technical champion for the work • Focused on providing end-to-end integration • Architects VS for speed of delivery, providing the model designs
  45. © 2019 Tasktop Product Journey Owner/Coach • IT business-level owner

    of the project to product transition • Works with executives and managers across IT and lines of business to adopt Project to Product mindset to optimize technology investments • Focused on providing the business with end-to-end integration visibility
  46. © 2019 Tasktop Value Stream Product Lead • Set objectives,

    results, and measure success of PVS • Determine Flow Item Distribution • Dependency management between PVSs when unable to be addressed by individual teams • Hire & manage direct reports
  47. © 2019 Tasktop PVS Lead Product Manager Whole picture: Business,

    Operational, Technical Significant people management duties Generally no feature design Primary Flow Metrics: Flow Distribution & Flow Efficiency Prioritization, prioritization, prioritization Generally no people management duties Feature Design Primary Flow Metrics: Flow Time, Flow Load & Flow Velocity
  48. © 2019 Tasktop PMO to VMO To transition from scope

    based outcomes to value based outcomes, it makes sense that the PMO transition to effectively help optimize business outcomes at a program level. Program Management Office to Value Management Office
  49. Skills Matrix Skill / Knowledge Sunita Cindy Srini Chris Describe

    the desired business results for the value stream Identify the product value stream’s pain points Locate the work process and workflow within and across tools from from intake to delivery – for features, defects, risk and debt Find artifacts in the tools that can be identified as features, defects, risk or debt (e.g., which issue type, which field on an issue?) Map out the artifact states, and recognize active work states vs. waiting states Locate where the PVS’s work items are in the various tools used by the product value stream Identify dependencies on teams/practitioners upstream and downstream of their own functional area Design experiments that improve efficiency and velocity, and willing to present/share results with others
  50. © 2019 Tasktop Takeaways • Project Management & Cost Centers

    are the wrong model • Flow items in Flow Framework™ are what provide customers value • New emerging roles offer opportunity for career growth
  51. Email: dominica@SendYourSlides.com Subject: flow To receive: • copy of this

    presentation deck • Flow 101 workshop info • Value Stream Canvas exercise • Tasktop tool integration video showing integrations between ServiceNow & Jira • excerpts of Making Work Visible • Forrester report on Value Stream Mgmt