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Week 9 Videocast Slide Deck

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October 13, 2020

Week 9 Videocast Slide Deck



October 13, 2020


  1. Research Design Qualtitative Data Analysis PADMN 6289// WEEK 9

  2. Qual analysis techniques 03 Content analysis (aka coding) 02 Qualitative

    data recap 01 This Videocast
  3. Qualitative Data Recap 01

  4. Qualitative Data Non-numerical data, taking the form of written words,

    recorded narratives, images or videos, etc.
  5. Qualitative Data Less frequently concerned with measuring amounts our discrete

    concepts/phenomena and more concerned with “thick” descriptions, experiences, and answering “how” or “why” questions
  6. Interviews Documents (e.g. media, organizational publications, public records) Websites and/or

    social media content Focus groups Observer and/or participant-observer Non-text content (e.g. recordings, videos) Historical (e.g. journals, older news media, other older documentation, etc) More common (in public affairs research) Less common (but appropriate and valuable) Qualitative Data Sources
  7. Content Analysis (aka Coding) 02

  8. ” Sometimes content analysis [aka “coding”] is used when working

    with narratives such as personal diaries and journals. In the strictest sense, content analysis converts qualitative data into quantitative analysis. However, it is often used qualitatively to identify common themes. — Gail Johnson
  9. Coding i.e. “to code” Convert qualitative content into qualitative data

    by assigning it to/tagging it with a more general, abstract, or comparable meaning • A code can be “more” or “less” quantitative or qualitative • Coding often takes the form of assigning themes to text • Coding can be “more” or “less” inductive or deductive Question(s) Theory & Concepts Data Deductive Inductive
  10. Qual Analysis Techniques 03

  11. Simple Coding in Word “Track Changes”

  12. Old School: Highlighters and Post-It Notes

  13. Old School: Highlighters and Post-It Notes

  14. Qualitative data analysis (QDA) software

  15. Qualitative data analysis (QDA) software

  16. QDA Miner Lite

  17. Qualitative Data Analysis Methods Quant/ qual Short description Deductive/ inductive

    Word count Quant Quantification of word use through frequencies Inductive AND/ OR deductive Key words in context (KWIC) Qual Contextualizing use of words/ terms/ phrases Inductive AND deductive Constant comparison analysis Qual Reiterative thematic coding Inductive AND/ OR deductive Classical content analysis Quant Quantification of coding through code frequencies Deductive
  18. Research Design Qualtitative Data Analysis PADMN 6289// WEEK 9