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Reading Academic Literature

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September 03, 2020

Reading Academic Literature



September 03, 2020


  1. Reading Academic Literature GRAD SKILLS SEMINAR

  2. The body of knowledge pertaining to a particular topic, generally

    captured in written text (i.e. books, journal articles). Academic literature is typically peer-reviewed, which distinguishes it from more popular, lay literature. (Academic) Literature
  3. A particular claim or “take” on an issue, backed by

    a coherent and interconnected set of assumptions, logic, and evidence. (Academic) Argument
  4. Thesis Logic Evidence Assumptions Strategic Reading What is the argument?

    What is the question? Prior & existing literature Historical context Schools of thought Academic “lineages”
  5. Strategic Reading Image creds: University of Newcastle Library

  6. Walden University Writing Center Christopher S. Rose

    Grad School Survival Guide University of San Francisco Sink or Skim? Top 10 Tips APA – Sink or Skim? Recommended Resources