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Highly Effective Data Science Teams

Highly Effective Data Science Teams

Drew Harry

May 25, 2016

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  1. Highly Effective Data Science Teams Drew Harry Director of Science

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  7. 1771 2016 US Census finds 11,000 engineers ASME founded First

    civil engineering society pre-IEEE founded via Gil Press’ “A Very Short History of Data Science First “data science” conference First mention of “data scientist” “Building Data Science Teams” Data Science Engineering ACM founded
  8. research Engineering make build invent Data Science ??? study measure

  9. Infrastructure Focus Data Problems

  10. 10 Questions! Focus Friction Process Results

  11. Do you spend the vast majority of your time on

    projects that take longer than a day? M T W Th F M T W Th F FOCUS
  12. Do people in the organization have ways to access basic

    data without asking a data scientist? FOCUS
  13. Do you spend more time doing analysis than waiting for

    data? query’s running data scientist querying! FRICTION
  14. Is there documentation for major schemas? FRICTION

  15. Do you have a process for detecting and fixing bugs

    in data collection? FRICTION
  16. None
  17. Is past research work documented and available in a central

    location? Does the team have a regular process for reviewing work before sharing it? PROCESS
  18. Do you run randomized and controlled experiments? PROCESS

  19. Can you report negative results without major political pressure? RESULTS

  20. Can the CEO (or other leader) name at least one

    way the team contributed that quarter? RESULTS “science-announce is the single best mailing list at the company, and you should all subscribe to it.” – Emmett Shear, Twitch CEO
  21. Thanks! science.twitch.tv @drewwww