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Design Innovation Workshop 2012 Project Overview

Drew Harry
April 03, 2012

Design Innovation Workshop 2012 Project Overview

Overview slides from this year's Design Innovation workshop in New Delhi. Thanks to all the students for their great work!

Drew Harry

April 03, 2012

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  1. None
  2. LIVING MOBILE Andrea Colaço Drew Harry

  3. CITIZEN PROBLEM LOGGING Abhay Agarwal, Omkar Gawde, Anupam Pandey An

    on the go problem reporting portal.
  4. FEED LOOP Ishan Aggarwal, Ravi Sethia, Amol Bagul Effective collaboration

    with seamless sharing and floating around of ideas, presence and location on mobile device.
  5. SOCIAL BAZAAR Snehil Khanor, Chitesh Tewani, Somay Jain An on

    the go platform to shop with your social circle.
  6. Systematic Evacuation Navigation System Rajat Kuthiala, Akash Saxena, Fizza Jaffer

    An automated system to guide people to safe exits during a fire emergency.
  7. FAST FUELS Anil Krishna Shaw, Surashree Rahane, Arjun Singh An

    SMS-based system to help decide which nearby petrol station to choose.
  8. CONNECTING LIVES Harshal Shinde, Piyush Aggrawal, Abhijay Patne System to

    connect nearest blood donors & people who need blood using social media.
  9. LINKER Chaitanya Saxena, Kadambari Sahu, Akshay Sing The project is

    a system for crowded places like fair to alarm parents when their children move out of the safety zone.
  10. HOOT-O-MANIA Gaurav Shukla, Smita Verma, Surbhi Gupta, Aprajita Chaudhary Engaging

    the stadium audience in the real- time game experience
  11. POOL BUDDIEZ Ankur Anand, Isha Rishi,Rishabh Sardana, Sandip Chauhan Share

    journey, make friends and reduce traffic.
  12. SHIKSHA Vishal Dugar, Agam Dua, Swasti Bhatia Reinforcing education by

    enabling collaborative interaction between rural and urban students.
  13. DESIGNING FOR INTERACTION Santiago Alfaro Amit Zoran

  14. BUD-DY Uttam Grandhi, Adil , Toshit, Giny An interactive therapeutic

    device for dyslexic children.
  15. Smith Petrus, Aditya Sharma, Akhil Mittal

  16. UMANG Deepti Aggarwal, Tunisha Sharma, Umit Shah An interactive photo

    album along with a smell emitter
  17. INGREDIENT CHEF Abhishek Kumar, Nitin Sarna, Sakshi Gupta, Tanmay Shah

    An automatic condiment dispenser to support easy cooking.
  18. SMART SWITCH Gaurav Patekar, Pranabjyoti Kalita, Anchal Srivastava Redesign of

    a conventional switchboard to make it more interactive and intuitive to use.
  19. SUPER BIN Mohit Sharma, Vaibhav Kapoor, Sagar Bhokre, Imankalyan Mukherjee,

    Manav Kataria Making dustbins interactive and attractive.
  20. THE DOORS Abhinav Asati, Chayan Deb, Rohan Thapar Making the

    door an interactive object so to mediate communication through the door.
  21. KEY GROUPS Alisha Sharma, Jalaj Tagra, Abhishek Bharatiya, Aditya Bhatnagar

    Getting the key right the first time.
  22. IMAGING ON STEROIDS Kshitij Marwah Anirudh Sharma

  23. AIR DJ Dhananjay Shrouty, Shivani Poddar, Shahbaz Maniyar, Aadil Rafiq

    “Air DJ” is all about playing and controlling music using gestures.
  24. GAMER FACE Kushagra Alankar, Shivansh Singh Gautam, Ambika Parashar, Sagar

    Aher Tracks the facial movements and syncs the game controls accordingly.
  25. KODAK MOMENT Abhishek Bharadwaj, Arjun Varshney, Nishant Rao, Saksham Chopra

    Our system automatically selects the best image of each individual and merges them all together.
  26. K SCAN Nikhil Joshi, Sandeep Hooda, Kuldeep Mehta, Akhil Mittal

    Kscan lets you store objects, memories, and visualizations in 3D.
  27. PROXIMAL DISPLAYS Gaurav Gupta, Arpit Srivastava, Vishal Goel, Siddharth A

    proximity based display which adapts the presentation based on viewer distance
  28. SPOT WATCHER Saniya Sheikh, Utsav Kumar, Qazi Zaid, Rakesh Pimplikar

    An automatic spot lighting system that tracks motion and follows the target.
  29. VISIBELT Ateendra Kumar Singh, Amit Shah, Dhiraj Choudhary, Pallavi Behal

    a visual system which alerts or notifies the user from any incoming danger from an area of blindsight using a camera

  31. D-R-UMMY Akshat Khandelwal, Divyang Gupta, Prateek Anand, Vivek Nhattuvetty A

    drum-kit, minus the drums!
  32. BINgo Amish Shah, Himanshu Zade, Smita Gupta, Vishal Garg BINgo

    is an automated waste-bin that increases the effective open surface area of the bin.
  33. DRISHTI Nipun Jindal, Divyesh Gupta, Disha Sharat, Neeraj Taneja An

    electronic glove that helps blind people read any book.
  34. SHMEC VEHICLE Shailendra Singh, Din Dayal, Vinita Sharat, Kapil Narwal

    A smart handy multipurpose electric collapsible Vehicle
  35. SMAR-T Aronima Dass, Darsh Shah, Sanjit Singh Batra, Suvani Suri

    wearable T-shirt that generates visualizations and enables one to express freely through a LED-based interface
  36. SMART STAIRS Ruchika Bhardwaj, Ravinder Kumar Bind, Deepti Thakral sensing

    system to turn lights on exactly where you’re walking
  37. SMART STREET Gaurav Garg, Ankush Khajuria, Yashika Thaper, Shaheen Arpit

    Smart street light system saves energy from street lights on highways by dimming them when they are not in use.
  38. SPHERO Sagar Mohite, Kunal Gupta, Nishank Varshney, Sonal Khanna, Vivek

    Anand A virtual sphere around you to help you track the things you care about and carry along
  39. Alka Arora, Ekta Bhayana, Parikshit Vasisht, Sudhakar Ranjan The device

    will actuate an alert signal when sense a moving object with in proximity. SMART BAT
  40. DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABILITY Dennis Jiang Pragun Goyal

  41. HEART GUARD Sanya Wadhwa, Shilpy Lath, Palak Dudani, Avinash Sharma

    a band which shows fluctuation in blood pressure in real time and alerts the patient about the rise or drop in blood pressure.
  42. KARTAVYA Brahmleen Singh Arora, Sakshi Kapoor, Agreeka Saxena, Ranjit Singh

    waste collection system for residences using underground pipes to sort and collect garbage.
  43. RECYCLED SLINK Nadeem Akhtar Siddiqui, Vasudha Saklani, Prachi Nagpal, Sakshi

    Verma reclaimed wood furniture gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort with country home style and antique fashion
  44. EASY ONE Pallav Agrawal, Sneha Joshi, Saurabh Kapoor, Ankit Agarwal

    Power to control all your devices finally in your hand
  45. POWER CUFF Avernita Srivastava, Dibyendu Tripathi, Manmeet, Shikha Osan A

    self-defense gadget in the form of a cuff, designed especially for women.
  46. SENSIBLE VISION Sonu Dahiya, Dhruv Pratap Singh, Gursimran Singh Saini

    Helps blind people read and write in an easy way
  47. XTRA Ishita Duggal, Saroj Gupta, Vivek Singh, Mayank Verma For

    on-bed laptop users, defining the new ways of lapping on the bed
  48. TOMMY CLEEN Mayank Taneja, Nikita Miglani Clean with care.