Spring Boot in the Web Tier

035ae18f5f948ab3c8a5cbf40bbea383?s=47 Dave Syer
September 09, 2014

Spring Boot in the Web Tier

This presentation shows you how to understand and harness those features for maximum benefit. We will cover the basics of opinionated application configuration, showing what Spring Boot has to offer the web developer out of the box: content negotiation, internationalization, view templates, security, messaging with websockets, etc. We will look at the embedded servlet container abstractions in Spring Boot, showing how to customize the containers, and how to extract the most from the containers at runtime. We will also show how Spring Boot can embed some other interesting and popular web technologies, like Jersey and Ratpack, giving developers instant access to a wide range of useful features, and zero-effort integration with the Spring for middleware integration.


Dave Syer

September 09, 2014