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Community Driven Career Development

Community Driven Career Development

This deck is from a talk I did at the HVTech A Day of Women in Tech event. There are many ways to drive your career forward but I've personally found that community involvement is paramount. Community involvement can be anything from social media, to blogging, to speaking at conferences. Participation in your community will expand your network. By attending meet ups or getting involved in forums you’ll meet new people in your industry. Sharing will increase your visibility. There isn’t just one way to share your expertise with your community. You can blog about your experiences or speak at conferences. Collaboration helps you to be seen as a leader in your community. You can collaborate with others in your network by mentoring, organizing an event, or working together on a personal project.

Eileen M. Uchitelle

January 28, 2017

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  1. Community Driven Career Development

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  5. Community Involvement Career Development drives

  6. The 3 Categories of Community Involvement % Participation & Sharing

    ' Collaboration
  7. Participation

  8. Participation is Networking

  9. Participate in
 Online Groups

  10. Participate in
 Social Media

  11. Participate in
 Meetups & Conferences

  12. Sharing

  13. Sharing is Visibility

  14. Share by

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  16. Collaboration

  17. Collaboration is Leadership

  18. Collaborate on

  19. Collaborate through

  20. The 3 Categories of Community Involvement % Participation is Networking

    & Sharing is Visibility ' Collaboration is Leadership
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