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Show & Tell - PyCon US 2016 Summary

July 14, 2016

Show & Tell - PyCon US 2016 Summary


July 14, 2016

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  1. CONFERENCE DIVERSITY STATEMENT [We] encourage participation by everyone. Our community

    is based on mutual respect, tolerance, and encouragement [...] — PyCon US 2016
  2. We all have the power to change the system. —

    Jessica McKellar PyCon Closing Remarks
  3. I would bake some cookies, wear a bouncy dress and

    give my talk. — Adrienne Lowe
  4. [...] share your real experiences and your path. A good

    talk is [...] about relating and sharing [...] — Jason Myers
  5. [Tools] don't spring into the world fully formed. They are

    created over a long period of time [...] — Doug Hellmann
  6. Whenever possible you want your process to be implemented by

    a tool rather than by hand. — Alex Gaynor
  7. Managing web infrastructure and deploying code is more about the

    Human problems than the technical problems. — Joyce Jang