TechLadies Launch Party

Dab0267c721f2f5fec58dcc9be19c268?s=47 Elisha Tan
January 27, 2016

TechLadies Launch Party


Elisha Tan

January 27, 2016


  1. TechLadies

  2. Plans for the day • Introduction to the TechLadies

    • TechLadies Coding Program - Coaches & Projects • Panel discussion – What’s it like to be in the tech industry? • Party! • Ends at 9:30pm
  3. Thank you Sponsors

  4. Hi, my name is Elisha Check out my mad

    tech skills yo




  9. Online marketplace for in-person classes


  11. Technology is a superpower to do good

  12. Technology is a superpower to do good + teaching

    more women how to code
  13. Technology is a superpower to do good + teaching

    more women how to code + women-focused, not anti-men
  14. TechLadies

  15. TechLadies Coding Program

  16. Future Activities • Scaling up TechLadies Coding Program •

    Talks • Matching women with NGOs • Workshops

  18. TechLadies Coding Program

  19. TechLadies Coding Program • 8 weeks part time program,

    at least 10 hours/week • Starting 15 Feb 2016 • Pre-requisites: Tried programming, want to get into the industry • Selection Criteria: People who most need our help • Deposit
  20. Coaches Hui Jing Chen Software Developer Jaryl Sim Founder,

    Tinkerbox Ted Johansson Tech Director, Tinkerbox Martin Brochhaus Founder, Bitmazk
  21. TechLadies Coding Program • Weekdays: Self-paced learning, coding. Code

    reviews • Weekends: 3 hours of in-person sessions (Sat afternoons) + workshops • At least 10 hours/week • Weekly what-did-you-learn articles • Applications are open!
  22. Apply before 30 Jan Go to:

  23. None
  24. Asian Film Archive Save, Explore, Share
 the art of Asian

  25. Key  Func)ons      Film  Preserva)on  /  Advocacy    

     AFA  Reference  Collec)on      Outreach  &  Educa)on      Publica)on
  26. WHAT  WE  DO  FOR  FILMMAKERS •  Preserva3on  of  film(s)  –

     analogue  and  digital  formats   •  AFA  Reference  Collec3on  –  lib@esplanade   •  Promo3on  of  Asian  films  -­‐  cura3on  of  programmes  /  screenings;                           •  Facilita3on  -­‐  screenings  requests  /  publica3on

    •  Workshops,  talks,  seminars,  screenings   •  Mentoring  programmes  for  students   •  Special  events

     Sharing  of  resources   •  Training   •  Professional  networks  eg.  FIAF,  SEAPAVAA  
  29. Outreach

  30. None
  31. Preserva)on …  is  a  con3nuous  process.  It  is  never  a

     past  tense.  Nothing  has   ever  been  preserved  –  it  is  only  being  preserved.  
  32. Collec)on   •  Over  1,800  3tles  preserved  in  either  analogue

     and/ or  digital  formats   •  Public  reference  collec3on  at  lib@esplanade   •  Restored  7  films  since  2014   Upcoming   •  Revamping  online  catalogue   •  Restoring  /  sub3tling  films   •  Developing  media  asset  management  system   •  Launching  Reel  Emergency  Project  2.0
  33. Reel  Emergency  2.0   •  Region  wide  call  for  submission

     of  films     •  Films  are  reviewed  and  assessed     •  Film  contributors  need  to  provide  film  informa3on  to  that  help  to  build  data     Problem   •  Current  form  submission  via  email  is  tedious,  off  pubng  to  filmmakers     •  Manual  and  overly  dependent  on  staff  memory   •  Loss  of  informa3on     Background
  34. For  AFA   •  A  task  board  with  list  of

     submiced  films     •  A  watch  bucon  to  view  films  available  online   •  Flags  to  signify  different  process  stages  e.g.  Watched,  Approved,   Rejected,  KIV  etc   •  An  issue  3cket  system       Wish  list
  35. For  filmmakers,  a  site  for:   •  FAQ  on  Reel

     Emergency  2.0  and  contact  page     •  Submibng  completed  form   •  Dashboard  to  check  status  of  submission  e.g.  Submiced,  In  Progress,  Approved,   Rejected   •  An  auto-­‐email  no3fica3on   Wish  list
  36. To  help  AFA’s  acquisi)on  process  by:        

    •  Developing  a  workflow  app  to  make  Reel  Emergency  2.0  film  submission   process  smooth  and  streamlined     •  System  that  is  easy  to  adapt  to  future  needs   •  User  friendly  to  encourage  filmmakers  to  u3lise  and  provide  informa3on   Where  TechLadies  can  help
  37. THANK  YOU!   E:   W:

  38. Asian Film Archive Film Submission Workflow App A Project Outline

  39. Hello World! • Martin Brochhaus • Founder of Bitmazk Pte.

    Ltd. • CTO of The Artling Pte. Ltd. • PyCon Singapore Organizing Committee • PyLadies Singapore Mentor
  40. Let’s see some wireframes!

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  44. Software-Stack Digital Ocean (Ubuntu Server) Tool: Ansible Nginx / uWSGI

    (Webserver / Application Server) Tool: Supervisor Python / Django (Web Framework) Tool: Fabric HTML / CSS (Twitter Bootstrap) Tools: Grunt / LESS
  45. Best Practices Test Driven Development Continuous Integration

  46. Possible Workflow • Three roles for each task: • Coder,

    Reviewer, Documenter • Rotate roles for each task • Kick-off workshop to learn about next task • Coder pushes code • Reviewer tries to understand it and find flaws • Documenter writes down everything she learned
  47. ENGINEERS.SG Documenting the Singapore tech & startup scene

  48. ABOUT US ➤ Engineers.SG is a not-for-profit community initiative created

    to help document the Singapore tech and startup scene. ➤ Created to answer the question, "where are the engineers in Singapore?” ➤ Curated list of videos recording of local tech meetups and events.
  49. MISSION ➤ Engineers.SG seeks to be the place for anyone

    to get to know, learn and interact with the Singapore tech community.
  50. WHAT DO WE DO ➤ Attend meetups & video record

    the presentations. ➤ Post production & video encoding. ➤ Upload to our YouTube Channel. ➤ Publish and publicise on our website.
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  56. PROBLEMS FACED ➤ Content update is too centralised and delayed

    ➤ Distribute and decentralise the content update process. ➤ Presenters and organisers need a way to self-service & update the content. ➤ Grow viewership ➤ Need to extend the reach & awareness of new videos. ➤ Current: ➤ Social Media: Twitter & Facebook. ➤ RSS Feed & YouTube Channel Subscribers. ➤ Need a direct way of reaching out.
  57. WHAT WE WILL BUILD Newsletter sign-up with MailChimp integration. Events

    calendar with integration. Speaker bios with self-administration.

  59. HOW WE’RE BUILDING IT ➤ Scheduled pair programming and coaching

    sessions. ➤ Twice daily code reviews. ➤ Everyone reviews everyone’s code. ➤ Continuous communication through Slack.
  60. TEAM BALDIESBUDDIES #baldcoders

  61. MICHAEL CHENG ➤ @CoderKungfu ➤ 10+ years in technology ➤

    Software Engineer at Neo Innovation ➤ Community Involvements: ➤ Convener, Singapore PHP User Group ➤ Co-Founder, iOS Dev Scout ➤ Organizer, PHPConf.Asia ➤ Created Engineers.SG in Oct 2013
  62. TED JOHANSSON ➤ @drenmi ➤ Tinkerbox Studios ➤ Rubyist, Agile

    Aficionado and Scrum Monger ➤ Open Source Contributor
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  64. PROBLEMS HOME has outgrown the current system Current system was

    not designed for case management. Some fields and logic is not longer necessary, and hindering case workers. Case workers waste time working around the system, which is time that can be spent helping workers. Current system is hard coded and does not suit the changing landscape of HOME’s needs. Poor collection and presentation of data. 1 2 3
  65. OBJECTIVES Streamline the workflow for logging cases Re-design the database,

    for improved collection of data. This will pave the way for building reporting and data visualisations. Revamp information architecture, and streamline case management to suit the team’s workflow. The system should be extensible and easily adaptable by the admins to make it future-proof. 1 2 3
  66. STRETCH GOAL Bot integration with Slack chat system Facilitate communication

    between volunteers and case workers 1 Use of custom-built commands to pull data from the app into slack conversation 2
  67. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Build and deploy a web application from

    scratch We will be building the web application using the Ruby on Rails framework, which is popular amongst startups, and some larger enterprises. The application and database will be hosted on Heroku, which provides tools for optimising an application in production. How to implement features such as authentication, email delivery, building workflows, Slack integration, etc.
  68. HOW WE WORK Learn best practices in software development Learn

    to use tools like GitHub and Circle CI to as part of a Continuous Integration and Deployment process. 1 Learn to write automated tests, and set up exception handling tools like AppSignal to track errors in the app. 2
  69. Your coaches for this project JOIN US! JARYL SIM HUIJING

  70. TechLadies

  71. Aislinn Chen Founder, Coding Girls Hui Jing Chen Software

    Developer Ludwine Probst Data Engineer Michelle Sun CEO, First Code Academy
  72. Volunteers Needed + Designers + Branding help + Writers

  73. Apply before 30 Jan More info: