Tackling Gender Diversity in Tech

Dab0267c721f2f5fec58dcc9be19c268?s=47 Elisha Tan
November 26, 2019

Tackling Gender Diversity in Tech

Gender diversity remains a problem in Asia. In this talk, I share why thriving for gender diversity in tech is not only the right thing to do, it is good for business. I also share some tips on how you can begin to increase gender diversity in your workplace.

Let's tackle gender diversity together!

I first presented this as a keynote at Seedstars Summit Asia in Cambodia: https://www.seedstarsworld.com/event/seedstars-summit-asia-2019


Elisha Tan

November 26, 2019


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  17. Gender Diversity is good for business • Drives innovation •

    Correlates with revenue • Correlates with better decision making • Correlates with ROI • War for talent • Better serve diverse customer markets TechLadies.co
  18. 3 W ays to Tackle gender diversity TechLadies.co

  19. Is your business conducive for gender diversity? • Flexible working

    hours • Work remotely • Provide parental leave • FFS female toilets! TechLadies.co
  20. Is your team conducive for gender diversity? • Learn about

    unconscious bias: https://implicit.harvard.edu/ implicit/takeatest.html • Fair performance evaluation • Create a code of conduct • Listen and ask • Hold space for others TechLadies.co
  21. Do you ha ve partners for gender diversity? • Work

    with communities • Support communities • Support internal communities TechLadies.co
  22. 3 W ays to Tackle gender diversity • Set your

    business right • Prepare your team right • Work with communities TechLadies.co
  23. TechLadies.co Join the movement to increase gender diversity in tech

    Start TechLadies in your city elisha@techladies.co
  24. Thanks! Elisha Tan, Founder TechLadies @elishatan elisha@techladies.co

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