Typography:Internet::Butter:Southern Cooking

Typography:Internet::Butter:Southern Cooking

We, as people of the internet, all share one thing in common: typography. Regardless of job titles, geography, or language, the web is a typographic medium that has finally come of age. More people know about the existence of fonts outside Times New Roman, Papyrus or Comic Sans than ever before, even having a few favorites! It's easy to get caught up in colors, images and videos jostling for our attention and overlook the subtle role words and prose play in our everyday lives.

I presented some foundations of typography, thoughts on how to design with it, and techniques/tools to use, design and improve your typography skills. You'll hear strange words like slugs, kerning, pangolins and grids. Whether you're new to the whole "font" thing or a seasoned typographic designer, there's something here for you.

Presented at Refresh the Triangle, at Bronto Headquarters in Durham, North Carolina and at WordCamp Raleigh in 2012.


Jonathan Stephens

August 30, 2012