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Crash Course on
Static WordPress in ~5 minutes (or less)

December 02, 2019

Crash Course on
Static WordPress in ~5 minutes (or less)

A lightning talk on the benefits, differences, and how to get started with static WordPress.


December 02, 2019

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  1. Agenda — The 5Ws of Static WordPress What’s the difference?

    Who’s it for? When should I use it? Where can I gets it?
  2. Like a caching plugin? No no no nonooo non onoonon

    no no Nono nooooooooooono nooooop nooope nooppeee
  3. Cache ≠ Static 1.Cache can be invalidated. 2.Invalid cache ==

    no cache at all. 3.Static is always.. static. 4.Static can also be cached.
  4. Who’s it for? Everyone! Low to no cost of maintenance

    and hosting Mitigate common WordPress vulnerabilities Security plugins are not necessary Caching plugins also not necessary Ridiculously scalable
  5. When should I use it? Great option for: Agencies, brochure

    sites, high-traffic, SEO (page speed!), Archiving, marketing, and more.