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Lift and Shift WordPress to the Jamstack

Lift and Shift WordPress to the Jamstack


March 01, 2020

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  1. Lift and Shift WordPress to the Jamstack ⚡ Lightning Talk

    Daniel Olson @emaildano mytalk.rocks danielolson.me/wcmia2020
  2. Agenda of this talk whomi? What’s the Jamstack? What’s it

    for? When does this it apply? Jamstack WordPress Examples!
  3. $whoami I’m a web developer, AWS Super-fan, Jamstack advocate, &

    design thinking enthusiast. Daniel Olson @emaildano Amélie she/her dog/queen Me he/him human/bot
  4. Creating Shifter, what were we trying to solve? 1. We

    want a more secure WordPress. 2. We want to scale WordPress. 3. We want WordPress to perform under stress. 4. We want to makes this accessible to everyone.
  5. Static WordPress Caveats Out of the box, you lose features.

    But it solves a few of the problems entire industries are built on. To fill those feature gaps, we look to the Jamstack.
  6. What is the Jamstack? JavaScript, APIs, & Markup The Jamstack

    is not about specific technologies. (except JavaScript ) In my opinion, it's an approach, guide, and framework to which we can follow for building the modern web, including WordPress. The Toyota Way
  7. Like a caching plugin? No no no nonooo non onoonon

    no no Nono nooooooooooono nooooop nooope nooppeee
  8. Cache ≠ Static 1.Cache can be invalidated. 2.Invalid cache ===

    no cache at all. 3.Static is always.. static. 4.Static can also be cached.
  9. WP Serverless Search Created for Shifter Available as open source

    - WP Serverless Search - WP Serverless Forms - WP Serverless API - what’s next?