Let's Build a Better WordPress @ WordCamp NYC 2018

77ea5053277016d84181992646105c5b?s=47 Daniel Olson
September 16, 2018

Let's Build a Better WordPress @ WordCamp NYC 2018

Building a better WordPress is more than refactoring code. It’s a 10,000-foot view of what we can learn from the tech community at large, affecting everything from how we build our applications to laying the foundation for what comes next.

WordPress is more than just a CMS. For some, it’s the backbone of their business, it’s their real-estate, it’s their voice, and channel for communicating online.

What can we do to make that experience better?

Let’s explore what Gutenberg could mean for the future of service providers and freelancers. Let’s also explore what the future of SaaS.

I would like to share my research on what I what I believe to be the greatest opportunities for WordPress and the community that supports it.


Daniel Olson

September 16, 2018