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Authoring Accessible Content

Authoring Accessible Content

Presentation for Accessing Higher Ground 2020

Accessible content is easy for people to find, understand and use. But how do you create it? It starts with plain language, active voice and organization! Learn where accessible content lives, from microcopy to headings to interactive media like audio and video. Discover how visual presentation can make content more (or less!) accessible, and how to translate the visual hierarchy into programmatic structure.

Emily Lewis

June 13, 2021

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  1. 2 • Accessibility & Universal Design Specialist - Knowbility •

    Formerly Bright Umbrella, CTRL+CLICK CAST & Web Standards Sherpa • Author Microformats Made Simple • Co-author HTML5 Cookbook • [email protected] • @emilylewis
  2. 3 • Use Zoom's Q&A panel • Dedicated Q&A segments

    throughout, including at the end of session Your Questions!
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    Select "Panelists and Attendees" to share your comments with everyone • For hands-on exercises, post your answers in chat Your Participation!
  4. 5 Introduction Spirit of Accessibility What Is Accessible Content? Project

    Lifecycle 10-min Break Creating Accessible Content Maintaining Your Content Q&A Agenda
  5. 7

  6. Can people with disabilities get the same information, perform the

    same interactionsand function as others with comparable ease?
  7. Neil Lenane Talent Acquisition/Diversity and Inclusion Leader Progressive Insurance If

    you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude.
  8. Susan Goltsman Founding Principal of MIG, Inc. Co-author of Play

    for All Guidelines and The Inclusive City It doesn't mean you're designing one thing for all people. It means you're designing a diversity of ways for people to participate in an experience, so that everyone has a sense of belonging.
  9. 19 • Planning • Content Strategy • Information Architecture •

    User Experience Design • Visual Design • Front-end development • Back-end development • Quality Assurance • Maintenance Project Lifecyle
  10. 29 Catnip is loved by all my cats. vs. All

    my cats love catnip. Writing: Active Voice
  11. 30 The meeting minutes must be approved by the board

    of directors. Hands-On: Make this sentence active voice
  12. 33 • Chunking • Proximity • Clear fonts • Sufficient

    line spacing • Limited text styling • Good contrast Visual Presentation
  13. 34 • Navigation → <nav> • Heading → <hx> •

    Paragraph → <p> • Input labels → <label> Programmatic Structure
  14. 42 The email address you entered does not match the

    required format. Please enter your email address using standard format. Hands-On: Improve this error message