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Confessions of a first year Web Dev

Emily Cressey
February 18, 2016

Confessions of a first year Web Dev

This was my first speaking event, I pretty much poured my heart out to a room full of like minded creatives and tech heads touching on issues such as imposter syndrome and finding your place in a large pond.

Emily Cressey

February 18, 2016

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  1. “ I once pooped my pants at work and hid

    my underwear inside a box that got shipped to a customer ”
  2. “ My manager doesn’t know I practice breakdancing in our

    conference room before anyone shows up for work ”
  3. I have felt overwhelmed on a daily basis. It’s pretty

    daunting starting out. CONFESSION #1
  4. CONFESSION #2 I really need to stop comparing myself to

    other people. We’ve all been there.
  5. CONFESSION #3 Blank pages are the most daunting thing I

    can think of. Where’s my creative genie?
  6. CONFESSION #4 I should have stuck to my guns a

    lot more. Have faith in yourself.