Designing for Impact

859a039e66a4508596c0b5200860fb99?s=47 Emily Campbell
October 02, 2019

Designing for Impact

Design is at a pivotal moment. Our influence within the business is growing, our skills are in higher demand as problems grow more complex, and companies across size and industries are asking themselves: how do we increase the impact of design? Explore the drivers of design maturity through the lens of research, drawing from two major reports released last year, and from stories of success to learn how highly design-mature companies manage, evangelize, and practice design.


Emily Campbell

October 02, 2019


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    84% Companies that work to improve their customer experience report

    an 84% increase in their revenue 
 (Dimension Data)
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    96% 96% of customers say customer experience is important in

    their choice of loyalty to a brand (Microsoft)
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