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Graywater: A RecyclerView Framework

by Eric Leong

Published January 31, 2018 in Programming

Recently, Tumblr released Graywater, a RecyclerView library for decomposing large list items to improve scroll performance. This presentation walks through how to build an advanced, flexible list implementation backed by Graywater and utilizing Dagger 2 multibinding to configure Graywater for different screens. Although Graywater has greatly reduced OutOfMemory errors at Tumblr, the library is not for all apps. The talk will cover the benefits and limitations of Graywater in comparison to other recently-released RecyclerView frameworks, such as Litho and Epoxy, as well as implementation decisions and details.

Code: https://github.com/tumblr/graywater
Slides: http://ericleong.me/talks/graywater
Video: https://www.facebook.com/atscaleevents/videos/2025590844380676/

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