Booting Up: Hiring and Growing Boot Camp Graduates

Booting Up: Hiring and Growing Boot Camp Graduates

Slides for my RailsConf 2016 talk on hiring and growing boot camp graduates.


Eric Weinstein

May 04, 2016


  1. Booting Up Hiring and Growing Boot Camp Graduates # Eric

    Weinstein # RailsConf 2016 # Kansas City, MO # 4 May 2016
  2. Part 0: Hello

  3. About Me eric_weinstein = { employer: 'Hulu', git_hub: 'ericqweinstein', twitter:

    'ericqweinstein', website: '' } 30% off with RAILSCONF2016!
  4. Where Are We Going? • The One Big Mistake We

    Keep Making • A Survey of the Field • What We Should Be Looking For • Believe in Improvement • A Holistic Model for Continual Growth
  5. Part 1: Hiring

  6. @talk.lie? # => true

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  8. Ye Olde Traditione • Computing Science • Graphs && trees

    • Whiteboarding • Java/C++
  9. That One Big Mistake I Mentioned We confused “Is this

    person good at what they do?” with “Is this person good at computing science?”
  10. A Survey of the Field

  11. What These Students Learn • Hint: not computing science! •

    Curricula vary a bit from boot camp to boot camp, but we can speak in meaningful generalities • Server-side web development (Ruby/Rails) • Client-side web development (JavaScript) • Software development tools (git, deployment, &c)
  12. What I Look For • Ability to write nontrivial programs

    • Adaptability to new and changing requirements • Ability to work well with others • Passionate about learning • Self-awareness • Interviews != performance:
  13. We’re Hiring!

  14. Part 2: Growing

  15. First: You Can Grow The belief that you can improve

    your abilities results in better performance than if you believe you either “have it” or you don’t. “Is Math a Gift? Beliefs That Put Females at Risk” (Carol S. Dweck, Stanford) Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Ibid.)
  16. Talkception

  17. The Plan • You don’t have to know everything •

    Start Monday • Lightning talks • Workshops/Lunch & learns • Accountabilibuddies
  18. You Don’t Have to Know Everything • You literally can’t,

    anyway • Teaching someone something is an ideal way to learn it • The destination is for tomorrow; focus on today
  19. Start Monday

  20. ⚡ Talks • Technical, nontechnical, in-house, meetups, conferences: the sky’s

    the limit • Remember: teaching something is a great way to learn it!
  21. Workshops/Lunch & Learns • Git: f124d779ea23347b2216 • ES6:

    b8dea7cbb5b6aa4ecf6b • FP: d8cb53cf8d0f31fb19b6 • Data Structures & Algorithms for the Web: https://
  22. Accountabilibuddies Credit: South Park, “Cartman Sucks”

  23. TL;DPA • Write down who you’re actually looking for •

    Believe in improvement • Be the change you want to see in the company
  24. None
  25. Questions? @ericqweinstein 30% off with RAILSCONF2016!