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Do Androids Dream of Electronic Dance Music?

Do Androids Dream of Electronic Dance Music?

Slides for my RubyKaigi 2017 talk on machine learning + music, co-presented with the inimitable Julian Cheal!

Eric Weinstein

September 18, 2017

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  1. Do Androids Dream of Electronic Dance Music? Julian Cheal and

    Eric Weinstein # Ruby Kaigi 2017 # Hiroshima, Japan # 18 September 2017
  2. About Eric eric_weinstein = { # エリック employer: 'Fox Networks

    Group', github: 'ericqweinstein', twitter: 'ericqweinstein', website: 'ericweinste.in' } 30% off with KAIGI30!
  3. Agenda • Introduction to machine learning • Neural networks, RNNs,

    and LSTM RNNs • Midi • Demo! Synths!? • Questions?
  4. What Is It? • Machine learning is generalization • Supervised

    learning is generalizing from
 labeled data to unlabeled data
  5. • An artificial neural network is a machine learning model

    that mimics the structure and function of a biological brain • In our case, we’re interested in a particular kind of recurrent neural network:
 LSTM (long/short-term memory) network What Is It?
  6. Overview • The technology (Python, Ruby, Tensorflow, Magenta) • The

    architecture of our neural network • How did training go? • Demo time/dance party!
  7. We need More Ruby! • Python 93.4% • Ruby 4.8%

    • Shell 1.8% WTF! This is Ruby Kaigi
  8. Summary • Machine learning is generalization • Neural networks are

    machine learning models based on biological brains • RNNs are a kind of NN with “loop”; feedback allows modeling for text prediction, music generation, and more • We can do this all with Ruby, we just need the library support!