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Hyperledger Overview

Hyperledger Overview

Hyperledger Overview
Hyperledger Meetup: Tbilisi

Marta Piekarska, Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger
Website https://exactpro.com/

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/exactpro-systems-llc
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/qatbilisi/
Twitter https://twitter.com/exactpro
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/qatbilisi/
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/exactprosystems


July 05, 2019

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  13. The Hyperledger Greenhouse
    View Project Explainer Videos now!

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  24. Technical training courses and
    professional certifications to get
    your whole company
    up-to-speed on Hyperledger with
    the highest quality training from
    The Linux Foundation and
    Hyperledger Training Partners.
    - Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and
    - Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies
    - Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals
    - Hyperledger Sawtooth Administration
    - Hyperledger Fabric Administration

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  25. Technical Working Groups are open to the public

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  26. Sector Groups are open to the public
    Coming Soon:

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  31. ● Over 730+ attendees
    ● 100+ sessions, including demos,
    technical how-to’s and workshops
    ● 20+ Industry Analysts and Media in
    attendance w/ 30+ press articles,
    13MM Twitter impressions and 28K
    LinkedIn impressions
    ● All keynotes and session videos,
    available on Hyperledger YouTube
    ● All speaker bios and presentations
    available publicly on SCHED
    ● Browse pictures from this 4 day
    global event!

    2018 Hyperledger
    Global Forum Highlights
    NEXT HGF EARLY 2020!!

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  37. https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeldelcastillo/2019/04/16/blockchain-50-billion-dollar-babies/

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  41. BBVA: Corporate
    Loan Deals
    • Both Hyperledger and ETH are used.
    • A EUR75 million corporate loan deal with Indra, performing the complete
    process from negotiation to the signing of the loan over a mix of different
    public and private blockchain-based platforms.
    • Reduction of time taken to complete the deal from days to hours by
    recording and tracking interactions, reviews and iterations on
    Hyperledger Fabric.
    • Once Finalized the immutability of the contract is ensured by writing it’s
    hash or unique ID to the Ethereum network.

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  42. Medicalchain: Telemedicine platform
    Medicalchain Launches
    MyClinic.com Telemedicine
    Platform. MyClinic.com will
    incorporate Medicalchain’s
    blockchain based Health Passport,
    which utilizes Hyperledger Fabric
    to provide patients with immediate
    access to their personal health
    records and the ability to share
    them with whomever they choose.

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  43. ChainNova: Rice
    traceability in China
    • Provenance, traceability and transparency of information in the rice supply chain
    via QR Code.
    • Improved customer trust, with the immutability of information.
    • Data is collected from over 30,000 farmers, 12.96 million mu (亩) of land, more
    than 400,000 planters
    • Shan Liang Taste (善粮味道) is available on major eCommerce platforms
    • The platform was developed by ChainNova and Shan Liang Taste (善粮味道) for
    the Beidahuang Group (北大荒) who distributes over 10% of the rice production in
    China, it focuses on high quality rice

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  44. E-Visible

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  59. Hyperledger Only. Need to be
    already a Linux Foundation
    Member (see member list)
    Including the prerequisite Linux
    Foundation Membership)*
    Premier Member $250,000 (USD) $270,000 (USD) based on total consolidated
    employee headcount
    General Combined Annual Fees:
    5,000 and above employees $50,000 (USD) $70,000 (USD)
    2,000- 4,999 employees $30,000 (USD) $45,000 (USD)
    500- 1,999 employees $20,000 (USD) $35,000 (USD)
    100-499 employees $10,000 (USD) $20,000 (USD)
    50- 99 employees $10,000 (USD) $15,000 (USD)
    Less than 50 employees $5,000 (USD) $10,000 (USD)
    Associate (Pre-Approved Non-Profits, Open
    Source Projects and Government Entities)
    *Note: All Premier and General Members must be current corporate members of The Linux
    Foundation (at any level) to participate in Hyperledger as a member. Members will receive two
    invoices that will combine to equal the above dues amount.

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