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Технологический стек платформы th2

Технологический стек платформы th2

Алексей Зверев
Генеральный директор, Exactpro

4 июня 2020
Online Dev Meetup

Алексей расскажет о том, как компания создает современные системы для тестирования бирж и электронных торговых платформ.
Доклад будет полезен всем, кто интересуется новейшими разработками в области высокочастотного трейдинга.

Подписывайтесь на Exactpro в социальных сетях:

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/exactpro-systems-llc
Twitter https://twitter.com/exactpro
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/exactpro/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/exactpro/

Подписывайтесь на YouTube канал Exactpro https://www.youtube.com/c/exactprosystems


June 04, 2020

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  1. 1 Build Software to Test Software
    Build Software to Test Software
    th2 Overview by Exactpro (version 2.0)
    May 2020

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  2. 2 Build Software to Test Software
    ● Focus on Complex High Volume Transaction processing systems (In financial sector Trading, Clearing, Settlement, Market Data
    ● Open Source Multi-Component Test Framework
    ● Test Harness or Set of interconnected Test Tools to accommodate the following requirements:
    ○ Simulation of multiple endpoints on behalf of upstream and downstream components
    ○ Test Data collection and processing
    ○ Scenario based automated tests (can be defined in a variety of programming languages)
    ○ Rule Based data verification
    ○ Model Based System behavior verification
    ○ Agent Based Load Generation
    ○ KPI Based load Generation
    ○ Functional Testing under the load (Testing at the confluence of FT and NFT)
    ○ Discover the behavior of System under the test via process mining techniques

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  3. 3 Build Software to Test Software
    ● Test Data Lake component allows collecting Testing Evidence indefinitely
    ● Flexible Reports Test engine to analyze coverage of testing and discovering gaps
    ● Open Modular Architecture allowing to customize the framework for any environment
    ● Support of industry standard financial protocols (e.g. FIX, SWIFT, FAST etc)
    ● Open documented API allow integration with any Test Tools or Test Management Frameworks already adopted in organization
    ● Ready to be integrated with Machine Learning and AI components
    ● Native to Cloud Environment

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  4. 4 Build Software to Test Software
    Technical Description
    ● Microservices managed by Kubernetes
    ● All Raw data and Test Results are fed into central NoSQL test database
    ● Only gRPC and MQ interfaces for communication within the system
    ● Platform agnostic for implementation of Test Components (Java, Python, Kotlin, JavaScript etc for test/rules/models definition,
    Java, C++ or other for integrations) Any platform supporting Docker, gRPC and ActiveMQ can be integrated into Test Framework
    ● Flexibility and Scalability to process high volume of data.

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  5. 5 Build Software to Test Software
    Design and Architecture

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    Test Events

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  7. 7 Build Software to Test Software
    TH2 - Components (first wave)

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