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Symfony2 and Zend Framework 2: the perfect team

by Enrico Zimuel

Published November 22, 2013 in Programming

The next generation of frameworks is upon us, and now that they’re more decoupled and component-based than ever before and use the same standard for naming and autoloading, there is no reason to stick to a single framework for your projects. During this session, we will go through several ways of combining Symfony2 and Zend Framework 2, so that you walk away being able to focus even more on on writing the complex custom logic your project needs, and don’t have to worry about the rest.
In the talk we will show how to create a RESTful API for an existing Symfony2 project using Apigiliry, an API builder written in ZF2. Moreover we will show how to consume the API in an existing Symfony2 project using ZF2 (ZendService_Api).