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Big Data & Computational Art

Enrico Zimuel
February 18, 2015

Big Data & Computational Art

This is an introduction talk about the usage of Big Data in computational art. I did this short talk during the DataBeers meeting in Turin (Italy), 17th Feb. 2015, http://databeerstorino.tumblr.com/

Enrico Zimuel

February 18, 2015

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  1. Big Data & Computational Art
    by Enrico “Catodo” Zimuel
    17th February - Turin (Italy)

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  2. About me

    Enrico Zimuel, aka Catodo

    Computational artist and software engineer from Turin

    BIG DIVER 2013

    International speaker about creative coding and web

    Co-author of “PHP Best Practices” and “Javascript Best
    Practices” books (in Italian) by FAG Edizioni Milano

    Published some music projects with Kutmusic Records

    For more information www.catodo.net

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  3. Is it possible to make
    art using Big Data?

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  4. Big Data Data visualization

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  5. Computational Art

    Computer Art / Digital Art / Electronic Art

    Creative coding

    Generative Art

    Software Art


    Computer music / Generative music

    Data Visualization / Information Visualization /
    Information Aesthetics

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  7. Some examples
    of computational art &
    Big Data

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  8. Listening Post, Mark Hansen + Ben Rubin, 2002-8

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  9. We Feel Fine, Jonathan Harris, 2006

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  10. datamatics, Ryoji Ikeda, 2006/8

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  11. Hope/Crisis, Jer Thorp, 2010

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  12. (x)tree, Agnes Chavez & Alessandro Saccoia’s, 2012

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  13. Golem (map), Jason Salavon, 2014

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  14. The Internet Map, Feb. 2015

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  15. One of mine art project:

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  16. TweetJukeBox, Catodo, 2012

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  17. How it works

    Send a tweet with a song title, an artist name, a
    piece of lyrics, whatever, with the hashtag

    The tweetjukebox will search the song on
    Youtube and play the audio in few seconds

    Try now!

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  18. Some references

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    Narasu Rebbapragada, The art of numbers: Who knew Big Data could look so cool?,
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  19. Thanks!
    Creative Commons License
    Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

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