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Use OpenStack with Zend Framework 2

Use OpenStack with Zend Framework 2

OpenStack is becoming the open source standard for cloud computing. Most of the cloud vendors use OpenStack and the community of users is growing every day. In this talk we will give a brief introduction to OpenStack and we will present the new library service for Zend Framework 2 that supports the last version of the OpenStack API. You will see how is easy to use the OpenStack API with ZF2 thanks to a friendly object oriented interface.
This talk has been presented at ZendCon 2013 in Santa Clara (California).

Enrico Zimuel

October 09, 2013

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  1. Use OpenStack with
    Zend Framework 2
    Enrico Zimuel
    Zend Framework Team
    Zend Technologies Inc.

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  2. 2
    About me
    • Enrico Zimuel (@ezimuel)
    • Software Engineer since 1996
    • PHP Engineer at Zend Technologies in
    the Zend Framework and Apigility Team
    • International speaker, author of books and
    technical articles
    • I was a Researcher programmer at
    Informatics Institute of University of
    • Co-founder of PUG Torino (Italy)

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  4. OpenStack

    OpenStack is an open
    source cloud computing
    platform for public and
    private clouds

    The goal is to enable any organization to
    create and offer cloud computing services
    running on standard hardware

    Founded by Rackspace Hosting and NASA


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  5. 5
    OpenStack architecture
    Image source: http://www.openstack.org/software/

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  6. OpenStack dashboard (Grizzly)

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  7. OpenStack API

    Identity Service (v. 2, 3)

    Compute and Extensions (v. 2)

    Image Service (v. 1, 2)

    Block Storage Service (v. 2)

    Networking (v. 2)

    Object Storage (v. 1)

    Orchestration (v. 1)

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  8. Some vendors using OpenStack

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  9. Do you want to try OpenStack?


    A set up of clusters running OpenStack
    on both x86 and ARM architectures

    It's totally free for you to try & test your

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  10. ZendService\OpenStack

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  11. 11
    Status of the project

    ZendService\OpenStack is a PHP library to
    use the API of OpenStack in a OO fashion

    The project started in Feb 2013

    It's 100% compatible with the API
    specifications of OpenStack

    It uses the ZendService\Api component to
    interact with the HTTP API call

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  12. 12

    Right now we support the following API:
    – BlockStorage
    – Compute
    – Identity
    – ObjectStorage

    We are going to release these others soon:
    – Networking
    – Image

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  13. 13

    Using composer:
    "require": {
    "zendframework/zendservice­openstack": "dev­master"

    Or from github (download or fork)
    – curl ­s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
    – php composer.phar install

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  14. Class structure

    – AbstractOpenStack
    – Identity
    – BlockStorage
    – ObjectStorage
    – Compute
    – Networking
    – Image

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  15. Identity API – Auth and Token

    authenticate($name, $password, $tenantName
    = null)

    autenticateByKey($name, $key)

    validateToken($token, $belongsTo = null)

    checkToken($token, $belongsTo = null)

    listEndpointsToken($token, $belongsTo = null)

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  16. 16
    Identity API – User and Tenant


    addUser(array $user)

    updateUser(array $user)


    listGlobalRoles($id, $serviceId = null)

    addTenant(array $tenant)

    updateTenant(array $tenant)


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  17. Example: authentication

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  18. Example: user management

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  19. ObjectStorage API - containers

    listContainers(array $options = array())

    createContainer($name, $metadata = array())



    setContainerMetadata($container, array

    deleteContainerMetadata($container, array

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  20. ObjectStorage API - objects

    listObjects($container, $options= array())

    getObject($container, $object)

    setObject($container, $object, $content, $metadata
    = array(), $expire = null)

    deleteObject($container, $object)

    copyObject($containerFrom, $objectFrom,
    $containerTo, $objectTo)

    setObjectMetadata($container, $object, array

    getObjectMetadata($container, $object)

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  21. Example – container and object

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  22. Example – metadata

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  23. Compute API - servers

    listServers(array $options = array(), $details =

    createServer(array $options)


    updateServer($id, array $options)



    listAddressesByNetwork($id, $network)

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  24. Compute API – server actions

    changeAdminPass($id, $password)

    rebootServer($id, $soft = true)

    rebuildServer($id, array $options)

    resizeServer($id, $flavorRef)



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  25. Compute API – flavor and image

    createImage($id, array $options)

    listFlavors(array $options = array(), $details = false)


    listImages(array $options = array(), $details = false)



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  26. Compute API – metadata



    setServerMetadata($id, array $metadata)

    setImageMetadata($id, array $metadata)

    updateServerMetadata($id, array $metadata)

    updateImageMetadata($id, array $metadata)

    getServerMetadataItem($id, $key)

    getImageMetadataItem($id, $key)

    setServerMetadataItem($id, $key, $value = '')

    setImageMetadataItem($id, $key, $value = '')

    deleteServerMetadataItem($id, $key)

    deleteImageMetadataItem($id, $key)

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  27. Example: create a server

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  28. Example: list existing servers

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  29. 29
    Under the hood

    We use ZendService\Api library to
    consume the OpenStack API

    Simple PHP configuration file to build
    HTTP request. For instance:

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  30. 30
    Future works

    Complete the Networking and Image

    Support API versioning (?)

    Do you want to contribute?
    Fork the project on github
    and contact me!

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  31. Thanks!
    Vote this talk at https://joind.in/9082
    Comments and feedbacks:
    [email protected]

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