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Symfony 4 in action (updated for 4.3)

Symfony 4 in action (updated for 4.3)


Fabien Potencier

April 26, 2019

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  1. Fabien Potencier @fabpot

  2. Have you ever
 used Symfony? 1.x? 2.x? 3.x? 4.x?

  3. What is Symfony 4? A new developer experience On a

    rock solid foundation From micro-style to monolith
  4. 4 in action…

  5. 5

  6. $ symfony new demo # Want to try Symfony 4.3

    (dev version)? $ symfony new demo --version=dev-master
  7. 7

  8. symfony/skeleton "require": { "php": "^7.1.3", "ext-ctype": "*", "ext-iconv": "*", "symfony/console":

    "*", "symfony/dotenv": "*", "symfony/flex": "^1.1", "symfony/framework-bundle": "*", "symfony/yaml": "*" },
  9. $ symfony new demo --version=dev-master --debug Demo

  10. $ symfony new demo --version=dev-master --debug Demo

  11. $ symfony new demo --version=dev-master --debug Demo "scripts": { "auto-scripts":

    { "cache:clear": "symfony-cmd", "assets:install %PUBLIC_DIR%": "symfony-cmd" }, "post-install-cmd": [ "@auto-scripts" ], "post-update-cmd": [ "@auto-scripts" ] },
  12. $ symfony new demo --version=dev-master --debug Demo

  13. $ tree -I vendor $ find . -type f |

    wc -l Symfony 4 is lightweight Only 16 files vs 31 SE 3300 total vs 8867 SE -65%
  14. New directory structure • Less depth, easier to navigate •

    Non-PHP files in their own directories (assets/, templates/) • Decoupled from Symfony (assets/, src/, templates/, public/)
  15. https://github.com/symfony/recipes/
 symfony/framework-bundle/4.2 Demo

  16. Recipes repositories https://github.com/symfony/recipes Curated recipes by Symfony core team https://github.com/symfony/recipes-contrib

    Open to all contributions 370+ recipes
  17. $ composer show | wc -l Demo Only 25 deps

    vs 38 + 50 = 88 SE
  18. Symfony 2+/3+ Monolog Bundle SwiftMailer Bundle Polyfill Util Polyfill PHP

    7.0 Polyfill PHP 5.6 Polyfill Mbstring Polyfill Intl ICU Polyfill APCu PHPUnit Bridge Debug Bundle Framework Bundle Security Bundle Twig Bundle WebProfiler Bundle WebServer Bundle Doctrine Bridge Monolog Bridge Twig Bridge Monolog Doctrine (11) SecurityChecker Generator Bundle ParamHandler FrameworkExtra Bundle Distribution Bundle Asset BrowserKit Cache ClassLoader Config Console CssSelector Debug DependencyInjection DomCrawler Dotenv EventDispatcher ExpressionLanguage Filesystem Finder Form HttpFoundation HttpKernel Inflector Intl Ldap OptionsResolver Process PropertyAccess PropertyInfo Routing Security Serializer Stopwatch Templating Translation Validator VarDumper WebLink Workflow Yaml 4 bridges 15 librairies 11 bundles 42 components SwiftMailer
  19. Symfony 4+ Polyfill Mbstring Framework Bundle Cache Config Debug DependencyInjection

    Dotenv EventDispatcher Filesystem Finder HttpFoundation HttpKernel Routing Yaml 0 bridges 1 library 1 bundle 13 components Flex
  20. $ symfony server:start -d $ symfony server:log Demo

  21. Demo

  22. $ ./bin/console Demo 15 commands vs 57 SE

  23. $ git init $ git add . $ git commit

    -a -m"init" Demo
  24. $ composer req maker Demo

  25. Aliases • Shortcuts for common packages (log, behat, phpunit, …)

    • Optimized for Symfony Components (no need to use the symfony/ prefix, just workflow, dom-crawler, …) • Opinionated choices (admin, api, orm, mailer, test, …)
  26. Packs • Bundle several dependencies into a consistent set (debug,

    profiler, api, test, …) $ composer req debug
  27. Discover Aliases and Packs https://flex.symfony.com/

  28. $ composer req maker $ git diff config/bundles.php Symfony Maker

  29. $ ./bin/console list make Symfony Maker Bundle

  30. $ ./bin/console make:controller Symfony Maker Bundle

  31. $ composer req annot Symfony Maker Bundle

  32. $ ./bin/console make:controller DefaultController Symfony Maker Bundle

  33. $ vim src/Controller/DefaultController.php Symfony Maker Bundle src/ is about YOUR

  34. Symfony 4 helps you
 grow your app
 with ease

  35. $ composer req twig Adding Twig

  36. Never define
 your service again*

  37. Adding a Twig Extension Where do I store the Twig

    extension class? Which file do I need to change to register it? Which tag do I need to use? How do I declare a tag in YAML? Which interface/class do I need to implement/ extend? It’s too complex. What about doing it the dirty way and do it in the controller instead? hmm, ok
  38. $ ./bin/console make:twig-extension Adding a Twig Extension Add your logic

    in the generated class… DONE!
  39. Full Automation works for… • Twig extensions • Event listeners

    • Doctrine repositories • Commands • Voters • Registration form system • …
  40. Beyond “Hello World” • Defining some models via Doctrine •

    Adding an API for my model • Managing data with an admin
  41. $ composer req orm admin api Full stack really quick

  42. $ composer req orm admin api Full stack really quick

  43. $ ./bin/console make:entity Product --api-resource Full stack really quick

  44. $ vim config/packages/easy_admin.yaml Full stack really quick

  45. $ vim .env DATABASE_URL="sqlite:///%kernel.project_dir%/var/ data.db" $ ./bin/console doctrine:database:create $ ./bin/console

    doctrine:schema:update --force Full stack really quick
  46. It works! One line config change One annotation added

  47. None
  48. Typical features to the next level

  49. I want to send emails
 from my controller

  50. $ composer req symfony/mailer Symfony Maker Bundle use Symfony\Component\Mailer\MailerInterface; public

    function index(MailerInterface $mailer) { $mailer->send( (new Email()) ->from('fabien@symfony.com') ->to('fabien@symfony.com') ->subject('Some subject') ->text('Some text...') ); MAILER_DSN=smtp://localhost
  51. I want to send rich emails
 from my controller

  52. Symfony Maker Bundle use Symfony\Component\Mailer\MailerInterface; public function index(MailerInterface $mailer) {

    $mailer->send( (new TemplatedEmail()) ->from('fabien@symfony.com') ->to('fabien@symfony.com') ->subject('Some subject') ->htmlTemplate('@emails/welcome.html.twig') ->context([ 'city' => 'Tunis' ]) ); MAILER_DSN=smtp://localhost
  53. I want to send rich and responsive emails
 from my

  54. $ composer req twig/inky-extension Symfony Maker Bundle MAILER_DSN=smtp://localhost {% apply

    inky|inline_css(source("@zurb/stylesheets/main.css")) %} <container> <row class="header"> <columns> <spacer size="16"></spacer> <h4 class="text-center">Symfony Connect</h4> </columns> </row> <row> <columns> <spacer size="32"></spacer> <center><img width="100px" src="{{ email.image("@images/symfony.png") }}"></center> <spacer size="16"></spacer> <h1 class="text-center">Forgot Your Password?</h1> <spacer size="16"></spacer> <p class="text-center">It happens. Click the link below to reset it.</p> <button class="large expand" href="#">Reset Password</button> <hr/> <p><small><center><a href="#">unsubscribe here</a>.</small></center></p> </columns> </row> </container> {% endapply %}
  55. I want to send rich and responsive emails
 from my

 via my provider's API
  56. $ composer req symfony/mailgun-mailer MAILER_DSN=http://key:domain@mailgun Symfony Maker Bundle Amazon SES

    Google Gmail Mandrill Mailgun Postmark Sendgrid
  57. I want to send rich and responsive emails
 from my

 via my provider's API
  58. $ composer req messenger framework: messenger: transports: email: "doctrine://default" routing:

    Symfony\Component\Mailer\Messenger\SendEmailMessage: email $ ./bin/console messenger:consume Symfony Maker Bundle
  59. I want to send rich and responsive emails
 from my

 via my provider's API
 asynchronously with AMQP
  60. $ composer req messenger framework: messenger: transports: email: "amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/%2f/messages" routing:

    Symfony\Component\Mailer\Messenger\SendEmailMessage: email $ ./bin/console messenger:consume Symfony Maker Bundle
  61. Symfony 4 recap • Auto-configuration for any Composer package •

    A Maker bundle to simplify creating files • No boilerplate code, just business logic • Controllers and commands as services • From micro to monolith • Meta-packages doing a lot for you out of the box Productivity boost! Better DX
  62. Why?

  63. Featureful and the most downloaded

  64. The most advanced API solution https://api-platform.com/

  65. The most advanced e-commerce solution

  66. Many admin-gen solutions https://github.com/EasyCorp/EasyAdminBundle

  67. The foundation of the PHP ecosystem

  68. $ composer require symfony/console Truly independent components (new Console\Application('echo', '1.0.0'))

    ->register('echo') ->addArgument('foo', Console\Input\InputArgument::OPTIONAL, 'The directory') ->addOption('bar', null, Console\Input\InputOption::VALUE_REQUIRED) ->setCode(function(Console\Input\InputInterface $input, Console\Output\OutputInterface $output) { // output arguments and options }) ->getApplication() ->setDefaultCommand('echo', true) // Single command application ->run();
  69. • CssSelector • Debug • Dotenv • Finder • Mailer

    • Mime • sMessenger • Polyfill : APCu, ctype, iconv, intl, mbstring, PHP, … • Process • VarDumper • VarExporter • Yaml • … Truly independent components
  70. Predictable releases and support https://symfony.com/releases •Every month: a patch release

    •Every 6 month: a minor release •Every 2 years: a major release •On the go: security releases
  71. Predictable releases and support Release end of support +8 months

    +14 months +36 months +48 months end of security support end of security support end of support Standard Releases (3.3, 4.0) LTS Releases (2.8, 3.4)
  72. Predictable releases and support 3.4 LTS 4.2 Stable https://symfony.com/releases

  73. Stability and predictability • Strict semantic versioning • Deprecation/BC policy

    • Responsible security issue management https://symfony.com/bc https://symfony.com/security
  74. The fastest framework around x2 x3 x4 http://www.phpbenchmarks.com/

  75. Scale from micro to monolith 13 files 15 dependencies start

    with … and grow as you see fit via automation
  76. Community oriented • Code of conduct
 https://symfony.com/conduct • Enforced by

    the CARE team
 https://symfony.com/care • Respectful Review Comments
 https://symfony.com/doc/current/contributing/community/review-comments.html Diversity initiative
  77. https://symfony.com/4

  78. Thank you!