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The Node.js Scalability Myth

The Node.js Scalability Myth

Presentation given at the BerlinJS user group on March 15, 2012.

Felix Geisendörfer

March 16, 2012

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  1. The Node.js Scalability Myth • Threads don’t scale • Event

    loops do (Probably) not true in 2012 (Very likely) not relevant
  2. CPU

  3. CPU • Node is single threaded (runs on a single

    CPU) • Using multiple CPUs requires multiple node processes (usually via prefork) • No shared memory
  4. CPU (v8) • V8 compiles JS to Assembly • Just-in-time

    compilation (JIT) • Does reasonably well in those language “benchmarks”
  5. Memory • No hard memory limit on 64 bit (since

    node-0.6 / v8-3.6.5) • JS is a garbage collected language (avoid huge heaps) • Buffers do not count towards heap
  6. Network • Node’s network stack is a thin layer on

    top of underlaying system calls • Good at fully saturating network interfaces
  7. Disk • Done in thread pool • Unfortunately along with

    DNS at this point • Throughput ok, but not ideal yet
  8. Horizontal Scalability • Node has no horizontal scaling specific features,

    but ... • Fast networking & JSON / Buffers -> DIY
  9. Horizontal Scalability • Simple stack (requires only build tools, python)

    • Deployable without container server • Good package management via npm