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How Trailblazer and Rails Engines can save your Rails monolith application!

by Celso Fernandes

Published September 22, 2015 in Programming

rails new foobar is always a green cool field, then it starts to get bigger and bigger, and messy, and ugly!

how can we handle that? usually the rails way give us 3 "boxes" to organize all our code M, V and C... to help organize our architecture we use namespace to isolate and our app become huge, but wait, we can isolate in microservices, many deployments, refactor is now a impossible work! And rails is now a brown messy ugly and boring field, but using trailblazer and components we can save it! \o/

In this talk we are gonna see a real use case where a huge application was split into small components, for authentication, template, entities, financial (all these can be reused into another applications), and these components are organized into layers for developer happiness, the best part, if you wanna go this way you don't need to break up with Rails, you can refactor small pieces, to start grow in a sustainable way and get that green field again :)