Adopt AI Across The Business

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June 28, 2019

Adopt AI Across The Business

Eager to adopt AI in your company? There is a seismic shift in the business landscape to harness transformational technologies to improve customer experiences, drive more significant revenues, and lower operational costs. AI is no longer an experiment or project in a lab. Learn how real AI solutions are driving innovative advancements across the business, including Sales, HR, and Finance departments.



June 28, 2019


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  2. Big Data & AI Conference Dallas, Texas June 27 –

    29, 2019
  3. Adopting AI Across the Business Bob Dutcher Vice President, Analytics

    & Big Data 28th June 2019
  4. What’s Possible

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    World Bee Project
  6. Data lab for cost savings and better care United Kingdom

    National Health Service • Establish data lab to maximize insight from existing data • Identify billing and identity fraud • Optimize treatment by reducing use of less efective medical procedures • More than £550 million in annual savings

    which enables computers to mimic human behavior AI techniques that give computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so A subset of ML which make the computation of multi-layer neural networks feasible 1950’s 1980’s 2010s
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    | Cloud: Instant, elastic compute on infnite storage, all available on demand driving new cloud economics Big Data: Massive volumes of data now available in next generation data lakes to drive predictive analytics Analytics & Data Science: Mainstreaming to drive digital transformation and competitive advantage New Opportunities with the Convergence of Big Data, Analytics, Data Science and Cloud Cloud Big Data Analytics & Data Science
  9. Have You Ever... Had a credit card transaction unexpectedly (and

    incorrectly) declined Received a personalized email, direct mail or web ad Been infuenced by a recommendation from your music player or an online shopping site Had an unexpected bonus / incentive to stay with a company
  10. AI, Data Science and Big Data Use Cases Marketing Response

    Models Customer churn Text sentiment analysis Lifetime Value Computer vision and image tagging Transactional data ETL Forecasting Risk management with machine learning Recommendati on engines Data discovery and auditing
  11. >50% of enterprise data managed autonomously 85% of all Interactions

    will be automated 100% of cloud applications will feature AI
  12. Ready- To-Go Ready-To- Build Ready-To- Work Packaged AI Applications Intelligent

    UX components Conversational Agents AI platform to build AI powered solutions Autonomous scalability and performance in the cloud Oracle Approach
  13. Oracle Cloud AI Business Applications • Intelligent Payment Discounts •

    Advanced Security Controls • Intelligent Process Automation ERP / EPM • Next-Best Action • Win Probability Scores • Optimized Marketing Orchestrations • Next-Best Ofer and Product Recommendations CX • Best Candidate • Advanced HCM Controls HCM • Supplier Recommendations • Manufacturing • IoT SCM AI/ML Apps Ready-To-Go
  14. HCM CLOUD 35% Of job recruiter’s day spent on sourcing

    and screening candidates. This could be cut in half, and result in improved employee talent. SCM CLOUD 65% Of Managers time spent manually tracking the shipment of goods. With Blockchain, this could be automated for improved visibility and trust. CX CLOUD 60% Of phone-support time on customer issues could be avoided altogether. With Integrated CX and AI could be addressed in a single call or via a chatbot. ERP CLOUD 30% Of fnancial analyst’s time (roughly 1 full day a week) is spent doing manual reports in excel. Using AI, reports become error- free and more insightful. Real Results with AI-based Apps Ready-To-Go
  15. Using AI to Drive Autonomous Automatically Adapts to Changing Workloads

    Protects Against External Malicious Attacks Detects Anomalies and Fixes Known Issues Workload Optimizations Security Monitoring And Diagnostics Ready-To-Work
  16. Application Development Environment for AI Oracle Cloud Visual / Low

    Code App Dev DevOps Platform Data Science API-First Developme nt Enterprise Java Digital Assistants Container Native Mobil e Improved Developer Productivity • Fully integrated CI / CD tools • Expose apps across mobile, web, digital assistants • Support for polyglot microservices development API-First Development • End-to-end support for building, managing and securing machine learning model APIs Complete Lifecycle Management • Automated patches, upgrades, backup and recovery • Container-focused lifecycle management Predictive Monitoring • Across user experience, performance and Ready-To-Build
  17. • Machine Learning for Business Analysts • Augmented Analytics powered

    by built-in algorithms • Train and Apply Models Business Analytics • Collaborative environment for Data Scientists • Tightly integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure • Self-service and Enterprise Grade Data Science • Notebook for Data Scientists • High Performance 32X faster than SparkML • Large set of optimized ‘R’ ML library Big Data • GUI and Notebook for Data Scientists • Access to 30+ algorithms, scalable in- database • SQL and PL/SQL scripting language supported Database Ready-To-Build Building AI Capabilities Requires Flexibility
  18. Data Science Workfow – The Whole Team Model Deployment Model

    Management Data Exploration Model Build and Train Business Analyst IT Data Scientist Application Developer Always start with a business problem. Ready-To-Build
  19. Global online estate sale website predicts auction revenues Everything But

    the House • Revenue difcult to predict for selling 80,000 unique items across 450 monthly auctions • Used Data Science Platform to build an accurate predictive model, deploying it into production • Serves as central data science hub for data scientists, developers, lines of business • Forecast revenue at more than 90% accuracy Within frst month, model able to forecast the average per item revenue within .36 USD
  20. “Oracle is at the vanguard of a movement… using artifcial

    intelligence and machine learning to provide automation capability requiring little or no human intervention to manage the software.”
  21. Integrate AI Into All Applicati ons View Data Science and

    AI as a Team Sport Integrate AI to Run & Manage Systems
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