BBC Global iPlayer designed by pinch/zoom

3994db1807811ceface5667bbbcb7311?s=47 Brian Fling
October 02, 2011

BBC Global iPlayer designed by pinch/zoom

An overview of the design process and findings for the Global BBC iPlayer for iPad. designed by pinch/zoom (


Brian Fling

October 02, 2011


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    MADE WITH LOVE IN SEATTLE BY about the app ‣

    The BBC Global iPlayer for iPad will be available in Western Europe App Stores on July 29 ‣ Additional markets will be available as license agreements allow ‣ The app allows users to access hundreds of hours of BBC content like Top Gear, Doctor Who, Monty Python and more ‣ Additional content will be added to the app regularly ‣ The app is subscription-based, allowing users to watch unlimited commercial free content ‣ Users without a subscription can watch a limited selection of content ‣ Users can both stream and download videos
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    MADE WITH LOVE IN SEATTLE BY about pinch/zoom ‣ pinch/zoom

    is a Seattle-based mobile design agency ‣ We were founded in 2008 by mobile expert and veteran mobile designer Brian Fling ‣ Brian is also author of O’Reilly’s bestselling Mobile Design and Development ‣ We’ve designed apps for New York Times, eHarmony, ADP, Delta, HSBC, PayPal and many more ‣ Our client list includes Best Buy, Marriott, Salesforce, and more ‣ We have a staff of 12 designers and developers all based in our Seattle office ‣ We offer end to end mobile design and development services for iOS and HTML5 ‣ Typical engagements include strategy, concept, design, development and deployment to App Store
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    MADE WITH LOVE IN SEATTLE BY about the project ‣

    The BBC app was designed by pinch/zoom ‣ BBC hired pinch/zoom based on their deep knowledge and over a decade’s experience of creating mobile experiences ‣ pinch/zoom & BBC designed the iPad app as a new means to connect people to the wealth of BBC content ‣ We worked with BBC to define strategy, pricing, wording, content, design, interactions and more ‣ pinch/zoom created an interaction concept to test with 32 users between Dec 2010 and Feb 2011 in New York ‣ New York-based usability firm, Creative Good facilitated the usability tests ‣ We did rapid design iteration based on real-time user and client feedback Home Screen PROGRAMME PROGRAMME PROGRAMME GENRE GENRE GENRE GENR GENR GENR PROGRAMME PROGRAMME PROGRAMME GENRE GENRE GENRE l NEWS GENRES FEATURED MY BBC FEATURED FREE RECOMMENDED POPULAR RECENTLY ADDED HOLIDAY HUGH LAURIE’S FAVS MINE Wednesday, January 12, 2011
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    MADE WITH LOVE IN SEATTLE BY the design the experience

    the strategy Goals & Objectives Ethnographic & User Research Contexts & Mental Models Screen Flows & App Map Wireframes Interaction Design & Behavior Touchable Prototype User Testing, Feedback, Review High Fidelity Mockups Interface Library Guidelines Style Guide Animation & Interaction Guidelines Screen Descriptions our design process
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    MADE WITH LOVE IN SEATTLE BY what we learned ‣

    iPad users are incredibly sophisticated ‣ Users have an expectation of the “Apple Aesthetic” when it comes to interaction and user experience. Pixel perfection is important. ‣ Users prefer Need-driven over Marketing-driven Design ‣ Users are in control of their iPad experience, and will remove, close, delete or leave anything they perceive as marketing or advertising activity. ‣ Less is more ‣ This is true when talking about animations or content on each screen. Users have an expectation of interactions but are impatient with too much animation. ‣ Gestures Matter ‣ Web metaphors, like scrolling are considered “cheap” or “lower quality.” Users prefer “native” metaphors like swiping.
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    MADE WITH LOVE IN SEATTLE BY Thank you for your

    time! We really enjoyed creating this experience for the BBC. They were an amazing client to work with. BBC really listened to their customers and their hired experts. It helped guide the experience and ultimately make a better product than the competition. Brian Fling Founder & Executive Creative Director thank you