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Del caos al equilibrio, pasando por el precipicio… de puntillas

Del caos al equilibrio, pasando por el precipicio… de puntillas


May 27, 2017

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  1. Del caos al equilibrio, pasando por el precipicio… de puntillas

    Félix López Luis - @flopezluis Director of Engineering at ShuttleCloud
  2. • Gmail: 3 million users with our API • High

    Availability (SLA 99.5%) • 6 TB/h • +18k migrations per day • ~60 million emails per day • ~4.5 million contacts per day • 20 trillionth Email • 247 providers around the world ShuttleFacts @ShuttleCloudEng
  3. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness

    of low price is forgotten.” 
 Benjamin Franklin @ShuttleCloudEng
  4. My mission @ShuttleCloudEng • Improve quality. • Improve visibility/observability. •

    Improve productivity. • Improve team innovation. • Build a positive environment. • Eradicate some practices. • Boots others. • Learn psychology.
  5. @ShuttleCloudEng • Testing. • Monitoring. • Code reviews. • Reduce

    technical debt. Improve Quality/Visibility/Observability
  6. Cultural change @ShuttleCloudEng 1. Healthy Environment. 2. Psychological safety. 3.

    Open and Transparent Environment and Communications. 4. Personal and Professional Growth. 5. Personal Life.
  7. 1. Healthy Environment @ShuttleCloudEng • Encourage everyone to participate. •

    Have specific meetings to talk about what to improve, not only technical things but also company stuff. • Everyone makes mistakes, whether a manager or not. Be first admitting them openly. • People have to feel free from fear, respected and with absolute freedom to speak up.
  8. 2. Psychological safety @ShuttleCloudEng • Improves likelihood that an attempted

    process innovation will be successful. • Increases number of members that learn from mistakes. • Boosts employee engagement. • Improves team innovation. Source: wikipedia
  9. 3. Open and Transparent Environment and Communications @ShuttleCloudEng • 100%

    transparent and open. • We all are grown-up professionals. • Hiding things is dangerous and negative. • Information always comes out.
  10. 3. Open and Transparent Environment and Communications @ShuttleCloudEng The concern

    should be about conveying things poorly, not about conveying them.
  11. 4. Personal and Professional Growth @ShuttleCloudEng • People need to

    : • feel fulfilled. • grow professionally. • experiment. • Need to know what they want. One to one meetings. Objectives. • Company has to help them to achieve them: Align each other’s interests. Mutual objectives. • Learning culture. As a manager
  12. 4. Personal and Professional Growth @ShuttleCloudEng • Improve productivity. •

    Reduce turnover. • Boots innovation. • Create employee engagement.
  13. 5. Personal life @ShuttleCloudEng • Work life ⊂ Personal life.

    • Reconciling family and professional life for everyone. • Remote friendly. • Flexible schedule. • Vacation is more than a legal thing.
  14. “When people focus on others, they’re less likely to worry

    about egos and minuscule details; they look at the big picture and prioritize what matters most to others.” Give and Take, by Adam Grant. @ShuttleCloudEng 5. Personal life
  15. First step to have people happy It’s to hired the

    right people for your culture. @ShuttleCloudEng
  16. ShuttleCloud.com - @ShuttleCloudEng Félix López Luis, @flopezluis - - -

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” Winston Churchill