Let Them Be Your Heroes

Let Them Be Your Heroes

How can you encourage involvement and participation in Open Source? They key is through empowerment. This talk discusses how to empower and encourage more people to participate in your open source project by enabling Heroism. This talk will also discuss issues of diversity and inclusion.


Francesca Krihely

July 30, 2014


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    -The Anatomy of a Hero -How to Inspire Heroes -How

    to Talk to Heroes -Giving Heroes Power -Heroes Over Time
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    Gets things done Knowledgeable Supportive Loyal Builds awesome Apps Can

    do it better next time Helps others build the apps Stays by their side
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    Inspiring Heroes Ask Ricky Robinett •  Tools and resources • 

    A seamless experience Watch the heroes come out!
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    Inspiring Heroes Ask Ricky Robinett •  Books •  Blogs • 

    Planets •  Tutorials •  Videos/Screencasts
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    Diversity in Open Source Male 86% Female 12% Other 2%

    No answer 0% Source: FLOSS 2013 Survey
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    Finding A Diverse Group of Heroes If your community is

    not already welcoming to diversity, you have to work hard to find and inspire diverse groups to participate
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    Finding A Diverse Group of Heroes Find the small corners

    where they hang out •  Issue Trackers •  IRC •  Your other heroes
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    “What am I here for?” •  No clear mission • 

    No idea what to do next •  Lack of communication
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    Fame is not everything Sometimes you need to ask them

    what they need. Remember it is their community too!
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    •  Corgis! •  Get them connected with each other • 

    Challenge them •  Nurture them •  Help them inspire future generations