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Community and the Power of Developers

Community and the Power of Developers

The concept of community is part and parcel of the developer experience. Harnessing their potential and making them challenged are key to your organizational growth. By building community into your organizational strategy, you in turn build a culture of experimentation. We'll talk through strategies I've seen work in my time building marketing and community programs for engineering-driven companies in both operational and advisor roles. We’re going to talk through tactics and methods of measurement so you can execute things that work!


Francesca Krihely

June 17, 2015


  1. Community and the Power of Developers

  2. None
  3. Thought Leadership Open Source Hackathons


  5. Speaking: Get Started Set an example •  Do it yourself

    •  Create a corpus of ideas •  Find a meetup group that matches your expertise
  6. Speaking: The Process The Process •  Generate ideas •  Find

    opportunities – **Build travel budget •  Practice
  7. Remember to Measure •  Feedback from attendees •  Conversions on

    blog posts
  8. None

  10. Open Source: How to Get Started •  Don’t force it!

    •  Find projects your team members are engaged with •  Review your existing project pipeline •  See where Open Source can help
  11. Open Source: The Process •  Assign maintainers •  Documentation! Documentation!

    •  Create resources – Mailing lists – IRC/Slack Rooms
  12. Remember to Measure •  Don’t expect immediate results! •  Closed

    tickets •  Conversations across channels

  14. Hackathons: The Process •  Find champions •  Pick a date

    that works (Weekends are hard!) •  Make it focused •  Get great food •  Get judges
  15. Remember to Measure •  Number of participants •  Cross-functional teams

    •  NPS •  Projects moved into production
  16. Set an Example Build a Process Remember to Measure

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