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The Definition of Framework

The Definition of Framework

In the front-end community when talking about frameworks, we talk about choosing the best framework or on the benefits of one framework compared to another one. But, perhaps, we before talking about the differences between frameworks, we should find a common ground about the definition of Framework. This question at first may seem trivial, but it’s more complicated than it seems at a first glance. Don’t you believe me? Ok then, React is a framework or a library?


Francesco Strazzullo

July 07, 2020


  1. The Definition of Framework (a talk full of memes)

  2. Francesco Strazzullo (AKA Strazz) @TheStrazz86 (Follow me on Twitter!) Ego


  4. https://www.frameworklessmovement.org/

  5. https://github.com/frameworkless-movement/manifesto/issues/42

  6. None
  7. What Is A Framework?

  8. “a supporting structure around which something can be built” https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/framework

  9. Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

  10. None
  11. A series of architectural decisions that the team decide to

  12. Examples

  13. Angular

  14. TypeScript

  15. Reactive

  16. Libraries

  17. npm i date-fns

  18. Is date-fns a Framework?

  19. None
  20. Why is date-fns a Library?

  21. “A framework calls your code. Your code calls a library.”

  22. None
  23. Examples

  24. Angular

  25. Date-fns

  26. A library should be easy to change, a Framework (most

    of the times) is not.
  27. https://youtu.be/cTSoFvAUUF8

  28. http://matteo.vaccari.name/blog/archives/1022

  29. Let’s try with some examples...

  30. Vue?

  31. Moment?

  32. Lodash?

  33. Three.js?

  34. React?

  35. None
  36. “A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.”

  37. None
  38. Why is it hard to change React?

  39. The Framework’s Way

  40. React Request

  41. React Router

  42. “Everything is a Component”

  43. “When there is a Framework's way, there is a Framework”

  44. None
  45. Thanks! Francesco Strazzullo strazz@flowing.it