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Domain-Driven Frontend

Domain-Driven Frontend

DDD is probably one of the most important ecosystems of the last 20 years of software engineering. Nowadays frontend applications are an important piece of software architecture. Nevertheless, Bounded Contexts, Aggregates, Anticorruption Layers are all well-known concept that somehow are often not applied when building large and complex frontend applications. The purpose of this talk is to show how some of the DDD techniques are easily applied to Frontend engineering, resulting in more robust and evolvable codebases.


Francesco Strazzullo

July 06, 2021


  1. Domain-Driven Frontend

  2. Who am I? _

  3. Francesco Strazzullo (AKA Strazz) Partner/Developer @Flowing @TheStrazz86 Ego Slide

  4. Started working in JavaScript in 2009

  5. Before that I worked in Java

  6. None
  7. Dr. Strazz or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and

    Love “Undefined”
  8. None
  9. None
  10. Dan Abramov - Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel

    at react-europe 2015
  11. None
  12. None
  13. Micro-Frontends?

  14. Front-end and DDD communities don’t talk each other _

  15. Why am I here? _

  16. I want to start talking about DDD to frontenders (and

    vice versa) _
  17. None
  18. None
  19. https://github.com/flowingis/ddd-frontend


  21. I used JavaScript

  22. None
  23. Why should you care? _

  24. The Domain it’s the most valuable part of your software

  25. You should defend the Domain from Frameworks

  26. It’s easier to introduce Principles instead of Frameworks in existing

  27. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci

  28. WE ♥ REMOTE WORKING Milan, Rome, Turin, Treviso, Bologna, Ancona,

    Catania and wherever you want! We are hiring → recruitment@flowing.it
  29. Thanks Francesco Strazzullo strazz@flowing.it

  30. Interested? Domain-Driven Front-end Workshop - Waiting List