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How to contribute to the Wheelmap?

How to contribute to the Wheelmap?

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May 27, 2022

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  1. None
  2. Taichi Furuhashi

  3. @mapconcierge

  4. Wheelmap Manual Crowdsourcing Accessibility Map for Wheelchair Users 

    powered by FuruhashiLab., Aoyama Gakuin Univ. ver1.3 English version

  5. None
  6. RAUL KRAUTHANUSEN Wheelmap founder

  7. https://youtu.be/I13yL8ygwhk

  8. None
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  10. When we find barriers in real world,
 The world could

    be more barrier free.

  11. State of the Map 2012 Tokyo @ University of Tokyo

  12. When Raul came to Japan in 2012,
 he said…

  13. None
  14. In Japan, all the elevators are working!
 I never encountered

    an elevator under maintenance.
 Japan is amazing!

  15. In fact,
 Japan has Already a fairly barrier-free city

  16. Let's create a world,
 where more wheelchair users
 want to

    go out on the town!

  17. Which shops are wheelchair accessible?
 Which restrooms are wheelchair accessible?

    Which parking lots are wheelchair accessible?

  18. It is easy to know that
 and moreover
 You can

    update the information yourself.

  19. That’s 

  20. Looking for similar various IT services on the net…

  21. Several other accessibility map applications exist.

  22. ✕ ✕ Unfortunately, they are all closed applications with no

 Several other accessibility map applications exist.

  23. ✕ ✕

  24. The data collected by Wheelmap is OpenData,
 all applications can

    use it.
 ✕ ✕ However, actual use is rare.

  25. It's important.
 Let me repeat.
 Wheelmap is Open

  26. It's important.
 Let me repeat.
 Wheelmap is Open

  27. One more 

  28. Wheelmap is Global
 ☑Available worldwide
 ☑Multilingual support

  29. How to use Wheelmap? 

  30. There are two ways to use it.

  31. Smartphone

  32. Smartphone

  33. All places

  34. All places

  35. All places All places Add images

  36. All places All places Add images

  37. All places All places Add images

  38. PC

  39. None
  40. None
  41. None
  42. None
  43. None
  44. None
  45. None
  46. Enjoy! Field work!!
 in your town.

  47. Again,
 Have fun!

  48. None
  49. Hands-on excercise

  50. 0. Before we begin…
 Wheelmap is a service linked to

    the OpenStreetMap, the world's largest participatory mapping project. It provides a simple interface for adding wheelchair access information to stores and public facilities already registered in the OpenStreetMap. 
 If you want to add new store information into the OpenStreetMap, try using OpenStreetMap map editing apps such as OrganicMaps, GoMap! and others
 This time, we will explain only Wheelmap app. 

  51. 1. Downloads and Install
 Search for “Wheelmap” and download/install the

 It is free and anyone can install it. 

  52. Special Wheelmap Site for Day of Service
 (From PC or

    mobile device)
  53. 今回のイベント用特設サイト
 “Day of Service – Part3”


  54. 2. Select a feature to add information
 On the Wheelmap

    map, stores and public facilities registered in OpenStreetMap are displayed as POI (Point of Interest) icons. 
 If wheelchair accessibility information is added, the color of the icon will change. 
 The gray icon means the location has not yet entered accessibility information. To add new information, please select gray icons. 
 All places All places Add images
  55. 3. Entering wheelchair accessibility information
 When you select the POI

    icon, you will be presented with three choices for accessibility information. Each has its own criteria, so select the information that suits your situation. 
 There are three ways to make a decision. 
 a. Based on what you have seen in the past 
 b. Based on the street view image of Google StreetView / Mapillary
 (Wheelmap has an exception of Google StreetView secondary license) 
 c. Visit the place to judge on the field 
 Wheelchair accessible Restricted wheelchair accessible Wheelchair unaccessible entrance: ground level, without stairs rooms: all rooms without stairs toilet: Accessible toilet entrance: one stage (7 cm/ 3 inch high) maximal rooms: ground level of the most important rooms toilet: no matter entrance: with a higher stage then 7 cm/ 3 inch, or with several stages rooms: unaccessible toilet: unaccessible
  56. None
  57. 4. Upload photos of the place (optional)
 Wheelmap categorizes wheelchair

    accessibility into three levels, but some people may not be able to use what is considered "accessible" and vice versa. Therefore, photos of the location play an important role.
 #How to add photos
 ① Select the feature to which you want to add photo information.
 ② Click "Add image"
 ③ Take a picture at the site
 * Make sure to take photos from public places and be careful about invasion of privacy 

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  62. FAQ
 1. What should be the definition of a step

    in centimeters? 
 → Wheelmap recognizes a difference of 7cm or more as a step. 
 2. What is the width that should be considered accessible? 
 → Wheelmap does not set thresholds. It should be determined based on whether a wheelchair widely used (in the region) can access it. 
 3. How do you measure the actual width of an entrance and enter it as a memo? 
 → As the Wheelmap app does not have a functionality to record texts as memo, a workaround would be to take a photo of the measurement and post it on the app. If you wish to organize the information further as attributes, OpenStreetMap data can be edited directly but it will require some experience. 
 4. Does an account need to be created and logged in beforehand? 
 → No, writing is performed on OSM using a shared account.
  63. @mapconcierge

  64. YouthMappers AGU Instagram
 https://www.instagram.com/youthmappers4agu/ @youthmappers4agu