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100% Digital Leeds - Digital by Choice

100% Digital Leeds - Digital by Choice

Future Years

January 10, 2021

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  1. 100% Digital Leeds Helping people to improve their digital skills

    helps them to live happier, easier, healthier lives. Digital skills can be a lifeline for older people and are even more likely to be at this moment in time. Those who would most benefit tend to be those who would are least likely to be online. We want everyone to: • Understand how digital can benefit them • Be able to develop their skills to make the most of digital • Get connected If people choose not to do things online, that’s OK, but we want it to be an informed choice
  2. 100% Digital Leeds objectives “Our 100% Digital Leeds programme will

    bring organisations together to build a digital inclusion movement across the city. Together, we will tackle the barriers to digital inclusion and ensure that everyone in the city has the digital skills they need.” Taking a strengths based collaborative approach: Skills: Build a network of organisations working together to tackle digital exclusion Access: Increase opportunities for connectivity Motivation: Get everyone championing digital
  3. Staying connected Tablet lending Lending 400 4G iPads to organisations

    working with the most digitally excluded. Alexa’s lent to Care Homes and Recovery Hubs Enabling residents to make video calls with friends and family, boost mental wellbeing 100% Digital Leeds COVID-19 Fund: Supported over 150 organisations to buy laptops, equipment to support staff to work remotely.
  4. Building Community Capacity Digital Champion Training We’ve trained 1500 people

    in the city to become Digital Champions - helping people to understand how digital can benefit them and encourage them to take their steps with digital. Adapting services to digital Through the pandemic this has been vital, organisations new to digital are finding ways to motivate their service users and adapt their services to offer virtual sessions with our support. Tools and Resources Making the approach person-centred. Toolkits to enable organisations to support their service users to overcome barriers to digital inclusion.
  5. Finding the ‘hook’ to digital for older people Supporting Care

    Homes and Recovery Hubs through the Pandemic Delivering Virtual Coffee Mornings to reach the most vulnerable older people in isolation
  6. “I was already isolated before the pandemic so to have

    these virtual sessions continue and to access them through the winter will be amazing, they’re a lifeline for me” “It’s opened up a whole new world, I feel so much more independent, being able to order my Tesco shop has been invaluable and I even had an appointment last week with my GP and I could see him on the screen!” Impact