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Making games using JavaScript and Cocos2d

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April 29, 2014

Making games using JavaScript and Cocos2d

Тарас Товченко



April 29, 2014

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  1. Making games using JavaScript and Cocos2D Taras Tovchenko LevelUp email:

    doctorset@gmail.com skype: tarastovchenko icq: 146687 twitter: @doctorset
  2. Plan • A quick guide of Cosos2D • The JavaScript

    propagation • JavaScript binding • Espreso framework • Cocos2d: Tools & Libs
  3. Cocos2D framework

  4. Cocos2D framework

  5. Cocos2D comparison: WEB engines

  6. Cocos2D comparison: Native platforms ?

  7. JavaScript propagation Every thing goes to simplified and useful form,

    nobody wants to make simple thing through the hard way. And JavaScript gives this advantage.
  8. JavaScript propagation: Obvious benefits • You can hire several senior

    developers for supporting core functionality - shaders, native features, engine and etc. • And hire a log of juniors (students for instance) for developing game mechanics. • Less money - more games!
  9. JavaScript propagation was created in 1995 for the Web in

    2009 was developed server-side framework how can we use it on the other platforms?
  10. JavaScript and native API

  11. JavaScript binding JSB was developed a few years ago by

    Zynga The JS code is interpreted by SpiderMonkey, Mozilla's JS virtual machine JSB allows calling native code from JS and vice- versa.
  12. Unity 3D supports JavaScript too And Unity supports JS before

  13. JavaScript binding: Native C++ class class EspresoAction : public cocos2d::Action

    { public: static EspresoAction* create(); virtual std::string description() const; virtual cocos2d::Action* clone() const; virtual cocos2d::Action* reverse() const; virtual bool isDone() const { return cocos2d::Action::isDone(); } virtual void startWithTarget(cocos2d::Node *target); virtual void stop() { cocos2d::Action::stop(); } virtual void step(float dt); virtual void update(float time) { cocos2d::Action::update(time); } cocos2d::Node* getTarget() const { return cocos2d::Action::getTarget(); } void setTarget(cocos2d::Node *target) { cocos2d::Action::setTarget(target); } cocos2d::Node* getOriginalTarget() const; void setOriginalTarget(cocos2d::Node *originalTarget); int getTag() const { return cocos2d::Action::getTag(); } void setTag(int tag) { cocos2d::Action::setTag(tag); } protected: EspresoAction() {} };
  14. JavaScript binding: Parsed interface extern JSClass *jsb_es_EspresoAction_class; extern JSObject *jsb_es_EspresoAction_prototype;

    bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_constructor(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval … void js_espreso_EspresoAction_finalize(JSContext *cx, JSObject *obj); void js_register_espreso_EspresoAction(JSContext *cx, JSObject *global); void register_all_espreso(JSContext* cx, JSObject* obj); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_startWithTarget(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, … bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_setOriginalTarget(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, … bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_clone(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_getOriginalTarget(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, … bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_stop(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_update(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_getTarget(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_setTag(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_getTag(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_setTarget(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_isDone(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_reverse(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp); bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_create(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp);
  15. JavaScript binding: Parsed code bool js_espreso_EspresoAction_startWithTarget(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval

    *vp) { jsval *argv = JS_ARGV(cx, vp); bool ok = true; JSObject *obj = JS_THIS_OBJECT(cx, vp); js_proxy_t *proxy = jsb_get_js_proxy(obj); es::EspresoAction* cobj = (es::EspresoAction *)(proxy ? proxy->ptr : NULL); JSB_PRECONDITION2( cobj, cx, false, "Invalid Native Object"); if (argc == 1) { cocos2d::Node* arg0; do { if (!argv[0].isObject()) { ok = false; break; } js_proxy_t *jsProxy; JSObject *tmpObj = JSVAL_TO_OBJECT(argv[0]); jsProxy = jsb_get_js_proxy(tmpObj); arg0 = (cocos2d::Node*)(jsProxy ? jsProxy->ptr : NULL); JSB_PRECONDITION2( arg0, cx, false, "Invalid Native Object"); } while (0); JSB_PRECONDITION2(ok, cx, false, "Error processing arguments"); cobj->startWithTarget(arg0); JS_SET_RVAL(cx, vp, JSVAL_VOID); return true; } JS_ReportError(cx, "wrong number of arguments: %d, was expecting %d", argc, 1); return false; }
  16. JavaScript binding: Parsed code void js_register_espreso_EspresoAction(JSContext *cx, JSObject *global) {

    jsb_es_EspresoAction_class = (JSClass *)calloc(1, sizeof(JSClass)); jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->name = "Action"; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->addProperty = JS_PropertyStub; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->delProperty = JS_DeletePropertyStub; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->getProperty = JS_PropertyStub; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->setProperty = JS_StrictPropertyStub; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->enumerate = JS_EnumerateStub; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->resolve = JS_ResolveStub; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->convert = JS_ConvertStub; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->finalize = js_es_EspresoAction_finalize; jsb_es_EspresoAction_class->flags = JSCLASS_HAS_RESERVED_SLOTS(2); static JSFunctionSpec funcs[] = { JS_FN("clone", js_espreso_EspresoAction_clone, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE), JS_FN("stop", js_espreso_EspresoAction_stop, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE), JS_FN("update", js_espreso_EspresoAction_update, 1, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE), JS_FN("setTag", js_espreso_EspresoAction_setTag, 1, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE), JS_FN("getTag", js_espreso_EspresoAction_getTag, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE), JS_FN("isDone", js_espreso_EspresoAction_isDone, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE), JS_FN("ctor", js_es_EspresoAction_ctor, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE), JS_FS_END };
  17. JavaScript binding: Call native from JS cocos2d::Action* EspresoAction::clone() const {

    JSB_AUTOCOMPARTMENT_WITH_GLOBAL_OBJCET js_proxy_t* p = jsb_get_native_proxy(const_cast<EspresoAction*>(this)); if (!p) { CCLOG("JSB: Wrong native object = %p", this); return nullptr; } jsval retval; jsval dataVal = INT_TO_JSVAL(1); ScriptingCore::getInstance() ->executeFunctionWithOwner(OBJECT_TO_JSVAL(p->obj), “clone", 1, &dataVal, &retval); return static_cast<cocos2d::Action*>(JSVAL_TO_PRIVATE(retval)); }
  18. JavaScript binding: Tools you must install clang+llvm-3.3 sudo easy_install pip

    sudo pip install PyYAML sudo pip install Cheetah export NDK_ROOT=/path/to/android-ndk-r9b ./genbindings.py
  19. JavaScript binding: Preferences # what headers to parse headers =

    %(srcdir)s/espreso.h # what classes to produce code for. You can use regular expressions here. When testing the regular # expression, it will be enclosed in "^$", like this: "^Menu*$". classes = EspresoAction EspresoComponent OrientationManager classes_need_extend = EspresoAction EspresoComponent skip = *::[copyWith.* onEnter.* onExit.* ^description$ getObjectType onTouch.* onAcc.* onKey.* onRegisterTouchListener step], OrientationManager::[postOrientation] rename_functions = rename_classes = EspresoComponent::Component, EspresoAction::Action # for all class names, should we remove something when registering in the target VM? remove_prefix = # classes for which there will be no "parent" lookup classes_have_no_parents = EspresoAction EspresoComponent OrientationManager # base classes which will be skipped when their sub-classes found them. base_classes_to_skip = Ref Clonable
  20. Android JNI 1. In JNI - Java native code 2.

    In JSB - Native code JS code In general:
  21. JavaScript and Android JNI

  22. Espreso engine. (Yes with one “s”) https://github.com/tovchenko/espreso 1. Written in

    JS 2. Adds extra functionality to Cocos2d 3. Removes cross-platform mistakes 4. Simplify development process
  23. Espreso engine: Modules 1. Has component system for audio, flash-

    animation, frame-animation 2. Supports auto choosing resolution for any screen size with LODs system SD, HD, HDR 3. Adds useful loader, and object builder functional 4. Has a lot different python scripts for resource compiling for different platforms, making texture atlases, sounds, LODs, and etc. 5. Supports CocoStudio UI Editor format for positioning
  24. Espreso engine: Objects descriptors "zombie": { "render": { "sprite": "z0_walk_0.png",

    "atlas": "zombie" }, "sound": { "add": { "src": "bubble_added", "loop": true, "volume": 0.5 }, "destroy": { "src": "bubbles_destroyed" } }, "animator": "zombie_anim.plist", "music": { "level_1": { "src": "music_1", "loop": true, "volume": 0.9 } } }, "popup1": { "data": "mainScene.json" }
  25. Espreso engine: Objects var holder = es.PlaceHolder.create(es.utils.getProps(builder.make(‘popup1')), builder); var objects

    = holder.makeTree(); objects.setPosition(0.5 * size.width, 0.5 * size.height); this.addChild(objects); var drunkard = es.PlaceHolder.getNodeByTag(objects, objs.DRUNKARD0); this._zombie = es.PlaceHolder.getNodeByTag(objects, objs.ZOMBIE); var cat = es.PlaceHolder.getNodeByTag(objects, objs.CAT); drunkard.runAction(es.PlayArmature.create('Action12')); this._zombie.runAction(es.PlayAnimation.create('walk')); this._zombie.runAction(es.PlaySfx.create('add')); this._zombie.runAction(es.PlayMusic.create('level_1'));}
  26. Cocos2d: Tools

  27. Cocos2d: Tools

  28. Cocos2d: Tools CocoStudio

  29. Cocos2d: Tools CocoStudio • GUI Editor • Animation Editor with

    Flash import • Scene editor • Compatible with CocosBuilder • Use CocoStudio instead CocosBuilder • But now available only for Windows platform!
  30. Cocos2d: Social & Ads Libs

  31. Cocos2d: Social & Ads Libs https://github.com/cocos2d-x/facebook-jsb-sdk

  32. Cocos2d: Social & Ads Libs, SOOMLA https://github.com/soomla/cocos2dx-store

  33. Thank you for watching! Answers and questions