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Health Privacy Notice Generator

Health Privacy Notice Generator

A short slide deck explaining our Health Privacy Notice Generator. The tool is available at http://exitlab.net/healthNPP/


Patrick Gage Kelley

April 07, 2014


  1. Health Privacy Notice Generator Dr. Patrick Gage Kelley @patrickgage pgk@cs.unm.edu

  2. Health Privacy Notice Generator Our goal was to make it

    easy to generate simple and useful health privacy notices. ! For Providers • We wanted to build a simple tool that does not require any understanding of code • We even host the final solution, which is particularly helpful for testing • Nothing beyond simple HTML, CSS & Javascript, making it easy to host or combine with any web system ! For Consumers • We wanted to highlight the information that changes the most by bringing it ahead of all the boilerplate text • We provide a set of quick links which help consumers take action regarding their information
  3. Health Privacy Notice Generator Our system is built on •

    PHP, • HTML5, • CSS (and SCSS), and • Javascript (light jQuery for form validation) ! Providers can use any web server to host their notice • The PHP/JS is all handled on our end • All the files will be available on GitHub for companies that want complete control ! • No technology is necessarily needed at all, just fill out the questions and we host your notice!
  4. Health Privacy Notice Generator Workflow Start at our homepage and

    click the generator button on the left. ! Fill out the short seven survey question to provide us with the information we need to generate your notice. We instantly host a version of your notice, or you can download it and put it on your own web server.
  5. Header and contact information ! Effective date of notice !

    Quick links for consumers to take action ! ! ! Special notes about this organization ! ! ! Note that everything below this line is HHS model notice boilerplate ! ! v0.1 design