The Rough Guide to Java RPC Frameworks

The Rough Guide to Java RPC Frameworks

Distributed computing is here to stay, and more and more Java developers are exploring the ecosystem of available remote procedure call (RPC) frameworks for building distributed applications or microservices. However, which RPC framework suits you best?

This presentation will cover the characteristics and usage of different RPC frameworks (e.g. Netty, gRPC, Aeron/SBE, KryoNet, Apache Thrift) via a practical real-life use case. For this presentation, the use case will be providing remote polyglot access to Infinispan, which is an in-memory data grid platform from Red Hat. Since 2010 it has offered remote access via a custom protocol. During this talk we will explore how to re-implement this custom protocol using multiple RPC frameworks. So, you will be to see first hand how these RPC frameworks behave, the necessary steps to get started with them, and learn how you can apply them in your project.


Galder Zamarreño

March 14, 2018