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Survivorship Fairy Tales or When 1% Matters

Nikita Galkin
September 15, 2018

Survivorship Fairy Tales or When 1% Matters

Nikita Galkin

September 15, 2018

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  1. Survivorship Fairy Tales or When 1% Matters Nikita Galkin

  2. None
  3. Question or feedback: ▰ https://goo.gl/slides/7q7sb7 ▰ Twit with #hlfwdays or

    @galk_in ▰ Facebook friendship ▰ Coffee and talk ▰ Beer and dance at after-party 3
  4. 4 What is a Highload Project?

  5. I started with the same question one year ago

  6. 6 If your infrastructure cannot process incoming requests without degradation...

  7. 7 when even 1% of requests is important to business...

  8. Your Project needs Highload optimization methods only when Business needs

  9. Elasticity

  10. Episode I: Nomads

  11. The startup that has not yet started earning money, but

    its founder has passed the incubator.
  12. Money?

  13. Cloud credits usage cycle

  14. As long as possible avoid vendor-lock. Herh herh herh.

  15. Episode II: Blockchain Hype

  16. 3tps 15tps 65000 tps

  17. Decentralized exchange built on smart contracts that lets you trade

    ERC20 tokens against Ethereum.
  18. Hybrid blockchain application stores data at blockchain and database. Herh

    herh herh.
  19. None
  20. None
  21. So, Where is the load?

  22. Attack of the ShitCoders

  23. Mistakes: ▰ Single process for REST and blockchain event processing

    ▰ Wrong data layer implementation ▻ string instead numbers ▻ without foreign keys usage ▰ Startup and shutdown flows aren’t designed ▰ There are not any code style ▰ No input data validation ▰ No DDoS protection 23
  24. Make me correct orders list, even one traded order with

    market price will break the product.
  25. Auto recovering should highload project have. Hmmmmmm.

  26. Episode III: News

  27. Canadian news portal with a long history for different topics.

    Main traffic goes from Google.
  28. Important in content projects, page speed is.

  29. Add indexes for new feature?

  30. None
  31. Episode IV: Development with pleasure?

  32. Mobile game company with monetization "pay up or wait".

  33. None
  34. None
  35. DevOps and QA Engineers arrived

  36. Do you know our marketologist?

  37. Expensive, acquiring new users is, so care about existing ones.

  38. Episode V: Holy Cow

  39. Ukrainian product company which sells software for developers. Long years

    ago founder wrote the metrics system, but...
  40. None
  41. Environment variable for production everywhere

  42. Pollute your business analytics, do not. Yes, hmmm.

  43. Episode VI: Be ready

  44. Product company helps to understand your employees behavior.

  45. None
  46. Sometimes, you need to try new things

  47. Never predict, we can, so try and measure

  48. 48 Why is important to know elasticity for your Project?

  49. Trust + Understanding = Influence

  50. 50 May the Force be with you