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Web Developer Toolbox at 2020

Web Developer Toolbox at 2020

Nikita Galkin

February 22, 2020

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  1. Nikita Galkin Love and Know: ▰ How to make developers

    and business happy ▰ Technical and process debt elimination Believe that: ▰ Any problem must be solved at the right level ▰ Software is easy. People are hard ▰ A problem should be highlighted, an idea should be "sold", a solution should be demonstrated Links: Site GitHub Twitter Facebook 2
  2. Chrome Release Channels: ▰ Stable – every 6 weeks ▰

    Beta – major stable + 1 ▰ Dev – current development ▰ Canary – Released daily More info
  3. How to use: ▰ Beta version for every day development:

    brew cask uninstall google-chrome brew cask install google-chrome-beta ▰ 6 weeks before your customers ▰ Follow blog.chromium.org ▰ Follow v8.dev
  4. Bookmarks: ▰ nodejs.dev – learning entry point ▰ Two certification

    from OpenJS Foundation ▰ nvm – Node.js version manager ▰ docker-node – it has release delay in 16-48 hours
  5. Ideas: ▰ Docker image is default artifact format ▰ Serverless

    is docker-based ▰ Kubernetes is docker-based ▰ Learn docker at container.training with Self-paced tutorials
  6. Y arn 2 Features: ▰ Will be shipped at node:14

    Docker image ▰ node_modules ➡ Plug'n'Play with pnp.js ▰ Workspaces for monorepo ▰ Plugins ▻ typescript plugin auto install @types/* ▰ patch from the box
  7. Github Actions: ▰ Can be created as Docker or JavaScript

    ▰ Learn documentation ▰ Or try with Lab ▰ Free marketplace ▰ Build matrix
  8. ▰ Create React app after eject is not framework any

    more ▰ AngularJS and Angular are different frameworks. Vue goes the same way. ▰ Angular for enterprise, Vue for small projects, React for all others
  9. For any framework: ▰ TypeScript for writing painless code ▰

    RxJS for business logic ▰ husky and lint-staged for git hooks ▰ GraphQL for API ▻ TypeGraphQL for BackEnd ▻ Apollo Client for FrontEnd
  10. THERE IS QUESTION TIME You can find me on Twitter

    as @galk_in Slides are available at speakerdeck.com/galkin or at my site galk.in